Okiki films boss to friends ,pls Rally round moji daughter and mum

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He posted this on his facebook

TIMG_20170607_163743_793hank you to Moji Olaiya’s burial committee

Death is inevitable and a certainty for everybody. The death of Moji was a shock to all of us. It was agonizing for those of us very close to her. I remembered the good times we had together, our laughter and the way we often cried on each other’s shoulder. No matter how tough a man is, he is human after all, when with a close pal and associate.
I however found myself lost when she died. I was on sleeping pills and couldn’t think right. Just like when I lost my Uncle in 1995, I was depressed.
But a group of her friends and colleagues rose to the occasion and quickly brushed aside their tears to champion the cause for her burial ceremony.
I want to sincerely appreciate all the members of Moji Olaiya’s burial committee. Thanks for being her friend indeed. Thanks for doing the needful, even with your heart full of sorrow and your eyes full of tears. The good Lord will comfort all of us and make us live long to our old age.
While thanking and appreciating you for your selfless efforts, I appeal to you to please be with her family. This is the time we need to stand by her mum and children. We need to do this for the sake of our friend. God will help us and be with us all.IMG_20170607_163743_793IMG_20170607_133038_247

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