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When Bolaji Amusan, a.k.a Mr. Latin, produced his movie ‘Oba Joba Lo’, that pitched him against, Babatunde Omidina, popularly known as Baba Suwe, personally I could tell his strategy was to go head-on against BABA SUWE the then acclaimed King of Yoruba theatre.


The storyline in the movie ‘Oba Jo’ba Lo’ staged Baba Suwe, (a retired soldier, who got a job as security personnel) and Mr. Latin, (who played chef in the house) against each other, in a battle of wit and cleverness.


In the end the storyline endeared Mr. Latin’s character into the heart of the audience, having contested from the start of the plot through the end of the story; his character eventually won the skirmish of wit and cleverness.


From that point, Amusan became a Yoruba movie’s number one viewer’s choice; unseating Baba Suwe who before then was arguably seated as the King of Yoruba films comedy.




Amusan’s career dates back to 1988, when he featured in late Akin Ogungbe’s film titled 50-50, which was produced in 1990, over the years has starred in over a hundred and fifty Yoruba flicks, since when he debuted on the big screen, notable among the movies are, OFIN MOSE (2006), BABA INSURANCE (2009), ISE ONISE (2009), and a host of others.


His wit and sacarsicsm has made him a viewer’s choice delight on the big screen; and this has gone on to earn him credence as the most sought after Yoruba film comic actor.










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