Laide Bakare talks on her 30m naira movie: says it will change Nollywood

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Laide Bakare is one of the most active Yoruba actresses, considering the fact that she started way back in 1999. In this interview with Rosemary Ogana of Best of Nollywood, she speaks on her new movie ‘Jejere’, enjoy!

Bon: You do more of Yoruba movies why?
Olaide: Because the Yoruba producers patronise me more, they appreciate me and give me roles, they know my worth and respect me so much. When you are faced with other challenges and you know the producers are tribalistic and only want to give roles to people of their tribe, it doesn’t bother me. This is because I know I’ve been treated well by producers that know my worth and want me to be in their movies where they pay better money, I won’t be bothered. Basically I do more of Yoruba movie because that was where I started from and am more appreciated. But I have done countless English movies and also produced my own soap which was haired on STV and other station some years ago. I strongly believe movie has nothing to do with languages but the information to b e disseminated. For a film maker, we should lay more emphasis on doing movies that will come across internationally
Bon: What’s your opinion on Yoruba movie academy awards?
Olaide: Its good, people who organize awards have their motives, but all I can say it’s a good thing for people to appreciate/encourage us through awards.
Bon: What have you been doing lately about your career?
Olaide: I am working in my movie titled Jejere, (Tumor). The movie emphasizes on female children what they go through and also the supremacy of God’s work the life of a man
Bon: What did you consider before selecting your casts?
Olaide: I have a lot of people on my set but first to consideration, I am a director right from the day the idea was conceived, I began to thoroughly select my cast based on who delivers/interpreted a particular role effectively. We have Emeka Ike, Abolore 9ice, Fathia Balogun, Ireti Osayemi and many others.
Bon: Who among your casts do you enjoy working with?
Olaide: I will say Abolore 9ice, he is one of the best choices I made apart from the fact that he is a musician he was still able to interpret the roles given to him perfectly
Bon: What where the likely challenges you faces when producing the movie?
Olaide: The fact that the movie is an action packed alone is a challenge. It got a lot of challenges in terms of budgeting and location.
Bon: In terms of budget what figure are we looking at?
Olaide: We have spent over 30million and still spending because I want this movie to be unique
Bon: When are you releasing the movie?
Olaide: The movie will be premiered very soon alongside my own production company called Simline interaction formally front liner international. The company is into movies documentary, record label, clothing line, and lot of department under it.
Bon: What do you advice would you give upcoming actors and actresses?
Olaide: You don’t need to be desperate to act, all you need is to be focused, determined and you will be where you want to be. It’s a matter of time, patience and prayer is the key to success.
Bon: Who are your mentors in the movie industry?
Olaide: I look up to so many people, anyone out there who contribute into my life one way or the other is my mentor.


  1. Maye

    June 10, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    That is my Lady Laide,she is far better than some of these English speaking actress,can’t wait for Jejere any longer,i Love u & Faithia Balogun,weldone Laide….

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