Meet the Mistress behind the Mistress

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There is one actress whose career has been on an upward swing in the last one year. Halima Abubakar is one of the sexiest diva in the movie industry. The Kogi state born actress has been in hot demand since she produced her first movie “Mistress”. Rosemary Ogana of Best of Nollywood went after the mistress in the movie’Halima Abubakar and Moyo Lawal’ they reveal the story behind the movie mistress.
According to Moyo Lawal” Every movie has its own challenge but i will say this is different, the story of Mistress from my character showcases how life with the inclusion of a mistress can be and how the hunger for stardom affects all reasoning. Generally the story showcases topical issues based on themes of love, betrayal, violence etc.
Working with Halima Abubabakar wasn’t as challenging as one would expect, everything has to do with understanding. Although we didn’t have any scene together but it was cool working along side Halima Abubakar and others in the movie mistress”.
Let’s jump straight to the interview, enjoy!

Bon: Who is Halima Abubakar?

Halima: Halima Abubakar is a humble soul, who was based in Kogi but decided to relocate to Lagos because of her career.

Bon: you started acting at the age of 14yrs, what were the likely challenges you faced growing up?

Halima: Growing up wasn’t easy or interesting I must confess, because as a girl I was very confused. Initially I wanted to be a footballer but acting came knocking at my door. I weighed the two and discovered acting wasn’t as tasking as football. Basically it was the injury that kept me away from playing football but after sometimes I decided to go back but it wasn’t as easy as I thought, so i finally gave it up.

Bon: The movie Mistress has been the talk of the town, whatinspired it?

Halima: Mistress is just a general story. When people see young girls successful the first thing that comes to their mind is, she is a prostitute or it’s her sugar daddy that is behind her success. This film is basically to change people’s opinion about successful ladies/women. The story is about relationships, love, betrayal, deceit and trust.

Bon: Did you write the script?

Halima: I wrote the script myself but it was screen played by Ruth Kadiri.

Bon: when are you releasing the movie?

Halima: it is not every movie that needs to be premiered, atlist we were surviving before without premiere. But I am doing an exclusive viewing very soon. It’s my movie I can afford to release it without premiering it.

Bon: in selecting your cast, what did you consider?

Halima: first and foremost I have always wanted to work with Ivonne Nelson; Tonto Dikeh was also in my mind when I was writing the script.Thank God Ivonne was very much available for the movie.

Bon: what’s your relationship with Tonto Dikeh?

Halima: Tonto and I are just friends and Colleagues. We also share the same birthday month. We are both June born.

Bon: Among your cast who do you enjoy working with?

Halima: (smile), I will say Ivonne Nelson, but I also enjoy working with few people like Mary Uratha and Moyo Lawal because of the understanding between us. The work is less difficult when there is an understanding between the producer and the actresses.

Bon: how do you feel been a producer for the first time?

Halima: I am not the producer per say, I am the executive producer while Stanley Ebonye is the producer. I called him to step in because it is not something I can handle; a professional had to do it.

Bon: how do you deal with the competition in the movieindustry?

Halima: I am not competing with anyone but myself. Everyonehas their unique way of delivering their lines and we all have our different fans. But some take it as a do or die affair.

Bon: who is your role model in the industry?

Halima: Uncle Olu Jacobs, he is a father figure. He advisesme a lot and I am always grateful for that. Whenever they take a close shot ofhim, I am always paying attention to the way he deliver his lines uniquely andprefect. I also appreciate his wife Mrs. Joke Silva, although I haven’t workwith her but we have interacted. I look forward to working with her.

Bon: Who is the lucky man in your life?

Halima: (smile), there should be someone special in my life but am not discussing my private life without anyone. It’s not something I wantto share.

Bon: are you working on any project?

Halima: yes, I just came into town yesterday. I am shootinga documentary about bully, because half of my life I have been bullied by different people until I had a voice to speak.

Bon: any private project?

Halima: oh yes, I am a humanitarian so I have a lot of programs I am doing. Four charity events this month and I also have my own foundation but I haven’t launched them yet; change for tomorrows and Halima Abubakar foundation. I concentrate more on the poor and the helpless because I had the same difficulty in the past.

Bon: where is your favorite hangout?

Halima: my house (laugh), what am I looking for that’s not in my house? If am not working, am always in my house because it’s the best place to be.

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