Married Nollywood actresses sleep around like Dogs"Shan George"

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Star actress Shan George is one of the pioneer movie acts in Nollywood and a producer, she started her acting career over a decade ago and has about 120 movies to her credit and has also proved her mettle in movie production.

The Nollywood Veteran “Shan George” dropped the bombshell about married actresses in Nollywood, She said “virtually all Nollywood actresses sleeps around like dogs at will and no one sees anything wrong with it”These same people will be claiming to be happily married feign love to their husbands. Most of these actreses are been lured to bed with lots of money and promises by top politicians and business men.

Some of the people who are most hit by this revelation said that, Shan George is probably acting act of frustration as she was married four times but all the marriages packed up like a poorly arranged pack of cards. And also that at the moment, she doesn’t have anyone to call husband.

To decant this allegation of being referred to as frustrated person, Shan said her previous marriages didn’t fail because of infidelity on her side. “I have never being caught by any of my ex husbands sleeping around. In fact, I am a one-man, one-woman person.”

This Shan’s expose, gathered, has started brewing controversies in town as some married actresses are saying that for Shan to have known that some of them are sleeping around, it’s obvious she has been part of them. “We dare her to mention names of those who are caught in the act.” A married actress who had a bb chat with this reporter charged.

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  1. Maye

    June 19, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    Haba Shan George this can’t be true o,even though some of them are whore in their marriages,sleeping around to buy Range Rover,i think we can still say very few have pride for their marriage,at least i can mention like five….but to be honest Shan the rest are DOG,Shan but while now??i hope you are not envy them sha??

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