Star Actress Chiwe owoh Slaps Upcoming Actress on set …You Talk too Much

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Veteran Actress Chinwe OWOH Showed her other side on set in far Away Asaba in a village called ila where in the presence of other star Artises like Queen Nwokoye,Prince Emeka Ani,Ada Umeh and Camila Mkpere slapped an Upcoming Actress simply known as Ada for talking too much and not coming on set promptly,After she was slapped she burst into tears uncontrolabily before she was comforted by other upcoming and she returned back to set.

The Epic movie produced by chris Chuk and Directed by Don SINGLE IS Slated for release later in the year,sources close to bononline revealed that madam chinwe slaps and scolds upcoming Actress at will and because of that she has been labelled Madam THarcher by the upcoming as no matter what she does to then,the producers and Directors simply look the other way because opf her star Status,chinwe who is a granny is Avoided by the upcoming.

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