Ruke Amata"s Past came calling Opens On Friday in Cinemas

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The storyline of the Movie is simple, yet intriguing and contains twists and turns.  ‘The Past Came Calling’ , produced and directed by Ruke Amata, a seasoned Producer and Director, is a movie about a young Medical Student, Susan (Marie Kumba Gomez – the winner of Class Act UK 2011) who came to the UK to study with her sister, Maggie (Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha) and this friday it opens in all cinemas in nigeria

She never, in her wildest imagination, believed she could ever fall in love with a white man, until she is introduced to a dashing young Guy Dermot (Oliver Jolliffe), by her sister’s boyfriend, Kachi (John Dumelo).   But, like the saying goes, the heart is not so smart.  They met and began, what became a sizzling romantic relationship, until events of the past came calling.

Can they withstand the turbulence of deep-seated anger caused by the fake dealings and scams from past experiences?   Will their romance withstand the happenings and resultant prejudices of the past?

The Past Came Calling is a story about the power of love over racial prejudice and the hangover of the past.

Produced and directed by Ruke Amata, a seasoned producer and director of such programmes like the TV drama series “Bachelors”, S.O.D – Son of the Devil, The Accursed, Growing Up, Emotional Hazard, and a host of others.

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