Bisi Komolafe Family Battles Fiance,Return our Daughters Jeep and Properties

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Family members of late Bisi Komolafe have sworn to battle it out with their late sister’s fiance as they are pointing accusing fingers at him for causing their Bisi’s death.
Prior to her death, Bisi Komolafe was said to have been hospitalized for about 3months in Ibadan. She resided in Lagos, but was moved to Ibadan for treatment by her fiance, as gathered from a reliable source.
Friends and colleagues tried to reach Bisi, but many were not able to. Infact, some were told that she travelled outside the country and they did not hear about her illness until after her death on 31st December.
We gathered from a reliable source that her fiance changed her sim card, moved her to Ibadan for treatment and practically took over the use of her cars. Infact some say one of the cars was sold to offset her hospital bills.
From the air around family members during the burial ceremony, they are holding serious grudges against late Bisi’s fiance, Ijaodola, for causing her death. One of them (names withheld) even said they hope he (Ijaodola) is happy now as what he desired has finally come to pass. We wonder though why the family who also stayed in Ibadan and had access to UCH is so mad at him. They said he ‘hypnotized’ them or maybe didn’t let them see clearly and they were ‘held’ back from taking proper care of their sister.
Infact, the young man was said to have fled the hospital after Bisi passed until almost 24hours after. Was he scared? Was he shocked? Did he have any reasons to want his sweetheart and mother of his unborn child dead? Why did he not let people know about her illness? Why is the family so mad at him? Are there hidden facts surrounding her death? How do we interprete the deep sighs of Bisi’s folks whenever his name was mentioned?These are the unanswered questions at the moment. But we know that the family has sworn to retrieve Bisi’s honda pilot and apartment from Ijaodola immediately. They say his fainting and wailing at the burial ceremony were all staged aDSC01745
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