Bisi Komolafe’s Doc speaks to bononline on what killed her

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Nolywood is sad and still mourning one of its rising stars,Bononline is digging and talking to those who should know on what happened to Bisi in the last 3months of her life to reveal the truth Amist rummours and counter Accusations going on.

Before Bisi was transfered to uch,the Doctor that treated her and reconmended her to go to uch sent us this message

It was not just a miscarriage she had I treated her in my hospital few weeks before her demise where i counselled and referred her to UCH. She kept on receiving blood without bleeding and her pcv kept on going down. I learnt the pregnancy was terminated to save her life and in all she took about 40 units of blood withing 3 months. it was not negligence on the part of the Doctors who saw her but the nature of an ailment that kept drying up her blood without any active bleeding in her body.

Sad,we will keep tracking this story for you.


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