Bisi Komolafe’s Family speaks Why we are fighting Mr Ijaduola

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Since our sister blog Naijahottestgist  publisbed the interview of Bisi Komolafe’s husband this morning our phones have been kept busy by Angry friends and families of Bisi Komolafe over the contents of the interview,we have received more than 15 phone calls,Here is what one of Bisi brothers(Name withheld)Told us

Bisi’s life was smooth untill she meet Mr ijaduola,he is a big liar,very smooth but very insecured,Our sister loved him and didnt read between the lines of the danger this man posed to her well being,He claimed that he rented the Ikorodu house,My brother that is Another of his lies please go to ikorodu i will give you the numbers of the Landlady she will tell you how Bisi Laboured to pay for the house,Before they meet Bisi already had 2 cars and was building her house in ibadan.

Since they meet the house project has been on hold because Bisi was helping to maintain this Guy,the last time he travelled to Canada Bisi gave him 200,000 and there were too many complications in his life,Bisi could not stay with him in his Epe home because his wife went to fight him and Bisi had to ran for her life,All through Bisi sickness she was the one paying for her treatment,Bisi took 40 pint of blood Mr ijaduola only paid for one and till i speak he is owning Bisi Grandmother 20,000 and Bisi Dad 50,000,what sort of Man is that?

finally our sister was never married to him and so he should stop calling Bisi Mrs ijaduola,he only proposed to her.They were never engaged and even parlour Engagement they didnt have,we quarelled with him because Mr ijaduola is highly diabolic and all through Bisi sickness he was always bringing different black Susbtance for her to drink and we said no we are Catholics and we do not believe in such,That was why he picked quarell with us,on the cars of Bisi immeditely Bisi got admitted he started driving her Cars around and when he comes to see her at the hosipital,bisibisi husband he will hide the cars and walk to the hosipital,how does that sound Mr ijaduola says he is a car dealer,Car dealer indeed who uses a 2000 model ford,This is our last take on this Guy we leave him to God.

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