Bisi Komolafe”s best Friend opens up The Secret between Alhaji ijaduola and Bisi says her spirit will haunt Tunde

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A bossom friend of late actress, Bisi Komolafe has revealed the never before secret surrounding her untimely death.

The deceased’s fiancé identified as Babatunde Ijaodola popularly called Alhaji Tunde has been blamed for hiding her until she was close to her grave.

Bisi’s bosom friend who called her fiancé Alhaji Tunde blamed him for the cause of her death.

Bisi’s friend words:

Alhaji I’m disappointed in you. You call yourself Alhaji, yet you visit herbalist. Is every death spiritual? You told Bisi your dad’s death was spiritual even though it was confirmed he had high BP that led to stroke.

The reason her family didn’t let you and your mother take her to the herbalist is because they don’t trust you and they believe you are the reason for her sickness.

Bisi’s sickness started even before you travelled to Canada, you claim you love her but abandoned her when she needed you. Only for you to come back and say she needed spiritual care.

Alhaji Tunde you are the one who needs spiritual care.

The only truth you have said is that you have Bisi’s Honda Pilot, you lived in her house and that she was living in Ajao Estate when you met her.

MC Musiliu rented the apartment for her but sent her packing when he caught you there with her.

How come she forgot to tell us that you rented the Ikorodu apartment for her? Alhaji e beru olohun o.

What do you mean by all her properties were for her extended families. Her mom is dead and you don’t expect her dad to run after you with a cutlass. Why are you even going back and forth to Canada? Bisi said you stay with friends and you don’t even have business there, why are you deceiving yourself and people?

I hope Bisi’s spirit never let you rest. Everyone warned her that a man who abandoned his kids and wife for you will definitely hurt you one day, but she was too in love with the wrong person.Alhaji have you forgotten that Bisi demanded you take her to her people in Ibadan when she saw that the sickness was getting out of hand and your fetish ways couldn’t help her. You claim you are from a good home, you are only living on your father’s past glory.

You have nothing, what is your business address here in Nigeria? You buy one car at a time and you call that car business? You are doomed.

You don’t even have a car of your own. The few times I have met you, you were driving Bisi’s car. So what are we talking about

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  1. seun alimi

    January 9, 2013 at 12:32 AM

    Wow!!!!! This is a strong one from Bisi’s friend, the allegations leveled against Tunde are very serious. Its just unfortunate and sad that the wonderful personality behind this story is no more and her demise is causing so much bitterness and pain because she was really loved by people.what can we all do but to let God judge the situation, its terrible when young and promising people die, Dagrin’s death also comes to mind here as many people are still trying to come to terms with his demise, may God bless their souls, Amen!

  2. ayo

    January 9, 2013 at 7:10 AM

    A fake friend will take your secrets to others, A true friend will take your secrets to her grave.” Beware of friends……ASIWAJU!!!

  3. samson Dehinde

    January 9, 2013 at 8:26 AM

    Life is peaceful and enjoyeable if one thread cautiously. She dated Mc Musiliu and he rented an appartment for her. she then in turn brought a man that abound his family for her to same house rented for her by another person.Hmmmm, damn complicated! Re enacting same make belief act in real life.Her death is very painful, she is someone I admired greatly, my wife always jokingly called her my second wife whenever she saw her on screen. Lesson: our young actresses should please thread sofly in the name of God. Life is not a mechanical devices that could be reactivated when grounded. One wrong move it snapped and that is the end.

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