Gov Amanechi Romance with Nuella Njubigbo Ruins Contractor Dreams

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When you see Nuella Njubigbo ride in her Toyota Highlander ,please know that it is Rivers state tax players money moving in Action as it was a gift from Rivers Governor Rotimi Amanechi for all the love she has been showering on him since they meet concindentally through a desperate bussinessman looking from patronage from the Governor.

Bononline gathered that Nuella meet Gov Amanechi when a Desperate Contractor who have heard several tales of Gov Amanechi sex orgy with Nollywood stars including being a major contributing factor to the collapse of the marriage of a Big Nollywood star who also fell apart from her friend who is a divorce and has a record of being Nollywood serial lover who went behind her to sleep with the deep pocket Governor,The plan between the contractor and Nuella was for her to hook the Goverrnor during the presentation and thereafter help convince the Governor to go on with deal,Plan A worked well as the Governor liked Nuella and they exchanged numbers but plan b completely failed as Nuella just hooked on to the Governor and forgot the contractor,we learnt that part of the goodies Nuella had benefitted from Gov Amanechi is her Toyota Highlander taken from the pool of cars which was supposed to be given to Govt officials and she reportdely got 5m late November,Twice she has also been on the Govt delegation Aboard.nuella jeepPic courtesy Linda ikeji


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