Gists From Agn Night of Tributes forEnebeli Elebuwa (Pictures)

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ENEENE1ENE2ENE7ENE6ENE5ENE4Ayaba Aderinsola was with Agn at the Their Night of Tribute for Late Elebuwa and brought this report

On Wednesday 9th January, 2013, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), presided over by Ibinabo Fiberisima , organized a NOLLYWOOD TRIBUTE NIGHT in honor of late movie veteran, Enebeli Elebuwa. Members of AGN, friends and some family of late Enebeli walked from Marsha in Surulere to the National stadium; with Segun Arinze controlling traffic and Charles Okafor carrying the late actor’s photo frame. The color of the day was white and AGN already made t-shirts with Enebeli’s picture in its front and ‘ADEIU…ANDREW DON CHECK OUT’ endorsed behind it.
The tribute which was held infront of ojays inside the national stadium was well attended. Many nollywood ‘oldies’ showed up in their whites and paid tribute to Enebeli. It was indeed an emotional gathering as the likes of Stephanie Okereke led an impromptu prayer session, asking God to stop the recurrent deaths in the industry and help nollywood be what it is supposed to be. During her tribute, Stephanie broke down and said “…..i didn’t come into nollywood to attend burials……can this be the last burial for the year?  She then got on her knees and said a passionate prayer for the industry.
Okey Bakassi anchored the event and he was later joined by Julius Agwu who joined the band in singing praises and solemn songs during the candle light procession at the end of the tributes. The president of AGN, Ibinabo, addressed the crowd before the tributes began. In her ‘speech’, she made certain keynotes: that AGN did not abandon anyone in ill health, that the veterans in the industry should let people know where they are and how they are doing, that members of AGN should share love and take themselves seriously. She also spoke about the health plan that has been introduced by the AGN for its members which is just a thousand naira per month and advised all members to please key into the plan so that they will not have to keep running to the government each time a member is ill. Though there were no special recognitions for the night, the presence of the honorable commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta state who is also a member of the guild, Richard Mofe-Damijo was recognized and his state governor’s financial contribution (which he assisted in fast-tracking) was acknowledged by the president of AGN.
Though he said a tribute to Enebeli in just one minute was impossible, RMD said he shared intimate moments with the late actor in his last days as they exchanged phone calls almost on a daily basis in Enebeli’s last week. He also emphasized the importance of the health insurance and advised all to live well, correct excesses now, get priorities right and do today’s things today. Charles Okafor was very emotional too as he described how he felt drained because his uncle and senior colleague whom he met while he was still in secondary school, was no more. He however took solace in that Enebeli was able to express his God-given talents whilst alive.
Others who paid tributes were Segun Arinze, Zack Orji, Mammoud Balogun, Akin Lewis and Justus Esiri.
Generally, late Enebeli was described as amiable, helpful, a mentor, close friend and a father-figure. Surprisingly, many of the big shots of the night pointed out that the late actor helped them in securing their first acting roles or he gave them their first opportunities in the industry. Indeed, a gem has been lost! Segun Arinze said Enebeli had a good sense of humor and still threw banters on his death bed.
Many didn’t know, but the late Enebeli Elebuwa was first a visual and graphics designer before he got into movies proper. Akin Lewis described him as versatile and a man with a sound mind.
Zack Orji advised that the industry veterans should not be celebrated only after they are gone, but even when they are still alive.
After all these emotional tributes, the president with her huge candle led a procession round the gathering and back, while Julius and the band sang songs in honor of the actors that had gone.
It was a befitting tribute and prayer session for the late actress. The AGN was well organized and the night ran smoothly. Kudos to Ibinabo and the other organizers.
Other faces at the event were Rita Dominic, Monalisa Chinda, Uche Jombo, Yaw, Joseph Benjamin, Jibola Dabo, Charles Novia, Desmond Elliot, Benita Nzeribe, Grace Amah, Yul Edocie (and no, his father is NOT dead), Paul Obazele.
There will be service of songs tonight in honor of the deceased and his remains will be laid to rest tomorrow morning. We pray that untimely deaths will cease in the industry and our nation at large, we also pray to God to grant the family of late ENEBELI ELEBUWA comfort at this time.

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