Gists from the Burial of Veteran Actor Enebeli Elebuwa

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eeee4eeee3eee2eee1story by Ayaba AderinsolaeeeThe three day programme of events in honor of late Enebeli Elebuwa finally came to an end as his remains were laid to rest at the Victoria Courts Cemetery, Ajah on Friday afternoon.
On Wednesday 9th of January, 2012, the AGN organized a candle light/tribute night and it was a befitting outing in honor of the deceased.  The turnout of movie veterans and other stake holders was impressive; amongst which was the honorable commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Richard Mofe Damijo who stood by the family all through.
On Thursday 10th January, a service of songs was held at the NTA 10 compound, Tejuosho. It was well attended by family, friends and former colleagues of the deceased, both from the movie industry and NTA. Notable nollywood faces at the service were the AGN president, Ibinabo Fiberisima, Delta state commissioner, RMD, Mammoud Ali-Balogun and Patrick Doyle. It was a solemn service conducted by Monsignor Gabriel Osu in the Catholic order. Prayers were said and some tributes given. RMD once again paid tribute to the late actor and in his speech, stated how lucky he was to have shared some of Enebeli’s last moments with him over the phone. He also thanked his state Governor, Uduaghan who by himself interfered in the late actor’s health issues. He urged all present to live well as that is the best revenge on life itself. The AGN president said the guild will miss him as it has lost someone really dear. She also said Uncle Enebeli was the epitome of love which has been her primary message as president. Some of Enebeli’s former colleagues also paid tributes to him and he was generally described as amiable, fun to be with, cheerful, fatherly, a friend and a lot of positive things. Finally, his only son, Oyemike Elebuwa said some words of thanks to everyone. Members of Enebeli’s immediate family were obviously still shaken especially his widow, Mrs. Jennifer Elebuwa who looked like a shadow of herself as she managed to sit through the service. She however got constant support from her lovely children who surrounded her and comforted her from time to time.
The final burial ceremony of Enebeli Ngu-Onuma Elebuwa (1946-2012) AKA Andrew took place on Friday, 11th January, 2012 at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Lafiaji, Lagos. The corpse of late Enebeli arrived just before 11am when the service was due to start but was stationed at the church entrance because the priest had to perform the necessary catholic rites before the casket was wheeled to the front of the church. As his immediate family walked past his casket into the church, his wife broke down in tears and his children could not hold back theirs any longer. It was indeed an emotional sight as they wept uncontrollably and held each other even before the service started.
The service was conducted by Monsignor Gabriel Osu. In his sermon, he said it was unfortunate that the deceased passed just when he was supposed to start reaping the fruits of his labor. He remembered Enebeli as one who impacted lives, but as we all mourn his painful exit, we must not as ourselves an important question; “what do we want to be remembered for?” , so that when we take the final exit, even the angels will congratulate us. He also taught that we are all in this world not by accident and God has deposited talents in each individual which must be harnessed, instead of lamenting about lack of opportunities.
The Delta state Governor was very well represented by three commissioners (energy, culture &tourism and youth & development). In fact, Governor Uduaghan’s support was deeply appreciated by all, especially the family. Also, the Lagos state Governor contributed towards the success of the burial; Governor Fashola bought the casket and paid for the embalmment.
Though the president of the AGN was absent on the final day of the burial, the association was represented by Charles Okafor, RMD, Mike Ezuronye, Justus Esiri, Monalisa Chinda and a handful of others from the Delta state chapter.
The interment at the Victoria Court Cemetery Ajah was brief, but very emotional. Enebeli was obviously close to his immediate family. His wife was visibly shaken by the loss and it took a lot for her to go through the burial. His daughters wept uncontrollably and his son was speechless. He even refused to give any oration by the graveside when asked if he wanted to speak. I guess words would not express how sad he felt.
Enebeli was undoubtedly a good man. He was loved by many, he impacted many, he lived his dream and taught many several lessons with his life. He was a family man, a good father, a wonderful husband, a friend, colleague, mentor and lots more. Nollywood will miss him, his family will miss him and Nigeria will miss Andrew as he has finally checked out.

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