Ibrahim Chatta’s Confession Why i Didnt Marry my BabyMama and the only day i slapped her

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ibrahim chitta1AT THE TIME YOU ASKED HER TO MARRY YOU, YOUR FIRST MARRIAGE HAD CRASHEDI wasn’t married then.  I had child out of wedlock.  I fell in love with a woman and we had a baby.  I was supposed to marry her but her parents were not supporting the idea.  That is not the case with my wife now, whose parents accepted me.  The mother of my child never stayed at home whenever I was away for movie roles.  We never stayed up to six months at home.  She is always away.  I believe that’s not responsible enough.  Because of her attitude, I dated other women who helped me at home.  We had parted ways before I knew Salamotu, who is now my wife.

WHAT ARE THE MISTAKES THAT COST YOU YOUR FIRST RELATIONSHIP WHICH YOU ARE GOING TO AVOID THIS TIME AROUND?There were no mistakes.  Like I said Yinka’s parents were not supporting the relationship.  Ever since I featured her in one of my movies, things fell apart.  She started misbehaving.  So, I had to let her go.

 WHERE THERE SOME AREAS WHERE YOU DIDN’T LIVE UP TO EXPECTATION, MAY BE THAT’S WHY YOUR RELATIONSHIP CRUMBLED.I am not a saint but I realized it will never work.  I couldn’t condone her indecent dressing.  Since she started appearing in movies, things changed.  She was good, even till the time I met my wife.  I still loved her.  That’s ridiculous.  We were not married but that does not make you misbehave.  I am sincere with what I am telling you, God is my witness.  The mistake I made was to feature her in my movie. She is young and promising.  My colleagues warned me but I never listened.  The result was that she wouldn’t come home for months.  I was the one taking care of our child, Malik, who is now four.  It was a messy situation. 


 That’s not true.  The only time I hit her was that you battered her?

 Thats” not true.  The only time I hit her was that day she slapped me for dating a lady.


 Every woman I have met including my mother, I treat them like a queen.  So nothing will change.  I will still treat her like  princess.

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