Ibrahim Chatta’s Baby Mama speaks:He Almost killed me because of Tokunbo Latona says he is a Golddigger

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Ibrahim Chatta is in the middle of a love mess,Last December he got Engaged to a Senator’s Daughter in Ilorin and plans are in for an Elaborate wedding in April,Early this week a Celebrity Magazine reported Ibrahim’s interview where he gave reasons why he didnt marry yinka,we went after Yinka and she opened up,This is the 1st part of the 2nd part interview she granted us,she spoke to Ayaba Aderinsola


Bon what is your name?

Yinka Solomon: My name is Olayinka Solomon

www.bononline.tv:So let’s start from the scrath,when did u meet ibrahim?

Yinka Solomon: We meet at Kunle  Afod’s2 Location Titled( Tiwonsikanga)By shola Olaibi in 2007

www.bononline.tv:So when did you have your baby?

Yinka Solomon: I had Malik in 2008

www.bononline.tv:Was there an introduction or engagement?

Yinka Solomon: No

www.bononline.tv:But you guys were live in lovers?

 Yinka Solomon:We wanted to ,but he didn’t have the money.

www.bononline.tv:He didn’t even meet your parents?

 Yinka Solomon:We started living together right from 2008,he was my first love,Ihave  never dated any other guy in my life,he disflowered me,that made me submit my self to him,hoping that when ever he has money we can do introduction and other things.

www.bononline.tv:So when you guys were dating,what were the issues that usually cause trouble?

Yinka Solomon:He was a womanizer,a Gold Digger,he collected all the money in my Acct before my eyes was open,when he saw that I didn’t have money again,he started misbehaving,bringing women into the house.

www.bononline.tv: Did Ibrahim used to beat you?

Yinka Solomon; I had my first pregnancy in 2007,but due to hard beaten,I lost the pregnancy,I had another one in 2008 and gave  birth Feb 2009.

www.bononline.tv: What usually causes quarrel?

Yinka Solomon :Thank God I have a mother if not I would have been suffering,3month after the naming of my baby,he brought his girlfriend into the house. I cook for them and  sleep in the guest room,anytime he brings woman into the house,People can testify to it,he told me he was sorry that the lady would only spend the weekend in the house and  i agreed,but a week passed and she didn’t go, when asked him  he started beating me,that was how I left his house  the first time.

www.bononline.tv:Is the lady an actress?

 Yinka Solomon: Not 1 they are many,but the most shameless one is Tokunbo Latona,he  nearly killed me because of that fool,he even beat me when I was pregnant and she was there.

www.bononline.tv: He used to bring Tokunbo  to your house?

Yinka Solomon: Yes not once,Even I use to cook for her,she spend weekends  in the house

www.bononline.tv: Apart from tokunbo,who else?

Yinka Solomon: (Crying) MANY,I Caught him and one wunmi on our matrtimonal bed naked,Its a very sad story,I regret ever meeting ibrahim chatta,Because I loved Ibrahim ,anyting he says I obey,he treated me like a slave.

www.bononline.tv: Did you and tokunbo ever fought or spoke?

Yinka Solomon: Yes,I ask her to leave my husband,when she didn’t leave the house after more than a week.

Toks Latona Reacts;

i do not owe anyone any explanation,Ibrahim was my friend and collegue but i step aside from the friendship so that my friendship wont affect the little boy he has with yinka,i wont say more than this.

In Part 2 Yinka speaks about how Ibrahim has abdanoned his son by not paying his fees and feeding Allowances,According to her, Ibrahim’s only contribution to the boy is 10,000 naira.

we will serve you that after speaking to Ibrahim to balance the story.we put a call to him and8 he didnt pick but replyed our sms to say he will reach us later.

Toks latona

Toks latona

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