Ibrahim Chatta Babymama says he does not pay his son schfees neither does he feed him,Ibrahim reacts

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ibrahim chitta1yinkaIn the concluding part of the interview,Yinka disclosed that the only reason she is talking is because she wanted to make a straight point because Ibrahim lied in his interview that there attitude caused their breakup and that she slapped him,she also says Ibrahim does not even know the name of their son school and his class talkless of paying his schfees.

BON :So when was the last time you saw Ibrahim and did he tell you about this wedding?

Yinka Solomon: I saw him just once in 2012. He doesn’t take care of his son so I don’t bother calling him again

BON : So when was the last time he saw his child or took responsibility for anything?

Yinka Solomon. : Responsibility ke? He doesn’t oooooo. He saw him in 2012 when he called me on phone that he wanted to use him in a film. I didn’t want him 2 take my son, so I told him I was not at home that I will call him back. I told my mother about it and she said I should let him use him. Even when my baby was coming home, he couldn’t afford to buy the boy the chocolate he asked for. However, before his wedding, maybe because he knew his plans, he asked a guy to bring some provision for him. I wanted to return it, but my mother said not to.

BON : So he has never paid Malik’s school fees?

Yinka Solomon : He has never paid it, he does not even know the name of his school or his class.

BON : So you mean he does not give Malik feeding allowance?

Yinka Solomon : He gave me 10k once. That was after Malik’s 1 year old birthday on April 18 2010.

BON : Have you tried reaching his people?

Yinka Solomon : His mother stays with us. Times without number his mother had advised me to marry another man. She can’t talk to him because he is the bread winner of his family.

Even their first born had fought with Ibrahim because of me. That was when he was still staying wit us.

BON : How did you know about his new wedding?
Yinka Solomon : It is no more news. So many people told me and I said best of luck

BON : What do you want now?

Yinka Solomon : I can’t do anything. I am just saying this because of what he said about me that i caused our breakup with my attitude

BON : Did you slap him because he cheated you?

Yinka Solomon:Never,Ask those who know us

Ibrahim chatta Reaction

Good Morning oga mi,so sorry ve bn busy on set hence my sms..Got ur text n I apprc8 ur confrmtn req b4 going 2 press.I’m sorry I won’t want 2 discuss any issue regarding d mother of my son or my marriage anymore.I respect my wife,my inlaws,family, d mother of my child n son.Any other issue concerning my profession or projects I’ll be willing to discuss with U,for further enquiries on Media kindly reach Mr. Ola Muhammed





  1. shola

    January 18, 2013 at 11:30 AM

    Its so glaring dat ibrahim is guilty and dats y he’s hiding under d shadows of respecting his wife, inlaws and d likes.I guess wat he did 2 yinka is so unfair buh I wldnt wanna judge. God is still on His throne

  2. Bimbosumbo

    January 20, 2013 at 1:27 PM

    Ibrahim is a person i like,pls my bro,if truly what ur wife say abt u is true,u ave to change.sending her away will nt solve d problem.u two ave to sit down nd sort ur differences.Every relationships ave dier ups nd down,it depend d way u handle ur problems.pls dt tarnish ur good image u are building.u actors nd actresses are teachers.so what do u want pple to gain from u.plsread nd ponder over dis nd change.Dt think of what ur wife ave spoken think abt ur child nd future.God will see u 2ru ijn.

  3. biola sambakiu

    March 31, 2013 at 6:49 PM

    Ibrahim is a bad guy we leave in d same place at lagos in isheri osun ikotun he nevar take gud care of yinka at al call my line to gv u more details 07061146922 he normaly beat d mother of her son dats y d lady lost her 1st preganacy

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