Bisi Komolafe Property Tussle Latest Husband sends 1car to family,Holds on 1,Family set to report to Police

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The Tussle over late superstar Bisi Komolafe properties got hotter late  last week as her hubby Alhaji ijaduola sent back to Bisi’s family only her Honda and held on to her Ultima car and other properties and has refused to give a tenable explnation nor pick their calls.

This new twist has gotten the family Angry and as we speak a petition  is on the way to the police to get Alhaji ijaduola Arrested for theft and transfer of property by the Komolafe family against him.

it will be recalled that Bisi Komolafe died on Jan1 after battling a strange illness for 3months arising from pregnancy complications and she was buried on Jan 4th,since that time Bisi”s family and her hubby Alhaji ijaduola has been on each other”sbisibisi husband neck trading Accusations.

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