Daniel and stella Unveils New Label,They call it 55 (See Dazzling Marketing pics Materials)

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sd4sd2sd1Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus have indeed showed they dont care what people say about them,in a couple of weeks  They are both about to unveil their multi-millionaire store called Code 55. Daniel explained how they came about that name below. sd5.

“People say there is a mystery about me and they say the same thing about Stella. But trust me, may be you have to buy a decoder before you can decode who we are. For the 55, I was born 31 July and Stella is 24 April. If you add 31 and 24, you will get 55″ Daniel said.

1 Comment

  1. lady D

    January 24, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    Dis kind Joint bizness… Hmmmmm… I hold mt tots!

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