Make up Artist Accuses Murphy Afolabi of impregnating her (Messy Details inside)

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These definitely are trying times for popular Yoruba actor, Murphy Afolabi, as a 20-year-old make-up artist, Arayinbogoke Busayo recently mentioned him as the biological father of her 3-year old daughter, Moyosore. According to the story, Murphy and Busayo met at a movie location in Ikorodu, Lagos early 2009 when



“First, I was reluctant, but after troubling me for a while, I agreed to date him and he had sex with me flesh-to-flesh”


Busayo, in company of a friend of hers, Kadijat, an actress, came to the location 2 to check on her boyfriend, Adekola Tijani better known as Golugo, and Murphy allegedly used that opportunity to talk Busayo into a relationship.


Thereafter, one thing led to another and Busayo got pregnant and claimed that the fair-skinned actor was responsible for the pregnancy, in the family way.  However, Murphy when asked about the pregnancy and Busayo’s claim that he’s responsible for it, bluntly denied it.  3months later, the lady was delivered of a bouncing baby girl, subsequently, Busayo and her mum went to Murphy Afolabi’s family house in Osun State where she was reportedly told that such a case is not new to them, as many ladies have at different occasions come to them bringing pregnancies, or babies, saying Murphy is responsible for them.  This Reporter however spoke with the 2 parties, and the responses from then were contradictory.


In a telephone conversation with Murphy Afolabi, he said “many thanks to City People for hearing my own side of the story before going to the press, because there are a lot of issues about artistes that other newspapers will report without cross-checking the facts. I can’t claim that I don’t know the lady. It happened that she came to a location with her friend who was like a mother to her, and I was the director of the movie. She was clinging herself to me but I tried as much as possible to avoid her.  Later on, she said she wanted to act and my response was go and tell Golugo.  I never had sex with her because she is very young. While she was on the location, I found that different men were sleeping with her to the extent that I was ashamed to have known her. To my surprise one day; her mother just placed a call to me that I impregnated her daughter and I explained to her respectfully, but it seemed that they wanted to force the pregnancy on me. I didn’t make love to her, so why should I be held responsible as the father of the baby? It doesn’t take me anything to claim the child but I don’t know anything about the pregnancy and I am not ready for any marriage for now, so why should I do such?”, Murphy raged.


We equally placed a call to, Busayo, and her comment goes thus: “On January 2009, my bosom friend, Kadijat, and actress in Golugo’s theatre group, and I went to Larry King Hotel, Ikorodu lagos to check on Adekola Tijani (Golugo) because they were dating. On getting to the hotel, we met Murphy Afolabi and he proposed to me. At first, I was reluctant, but after troubling me for a while, I agreed to date him and he had sex with me flesh-to-flesh. After that day, I started feeling somehow and the test I did revealed I was pregnant. Then I told him that I was pregnant and he started fooling me by saying having sex with me once can’t result in pregnancy.  He said he’s not responsible for the pregnancy and I should abort it. I refused to do according to his advice because we don’t do such in my family.  When I am not a fool, why won’t I know the man who impregnated me? I am no longer interested in him, but I want from him is that he should agree to take responsibility over his daughter because it is my elder sister who is taking care of the little girl we both brought into the world.

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  1. tolase

    February 19, 2013 at 6:37 AM

    Why are these actors not for once decent..I wouldn’t trust d guy cos I hrd of ow dey slp with demselvs on movie location..2 d gal tho, y wld u meet a man n mk hm mk love to u d same day..Shame on u

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