i am not fighting Lola Alao stella Damasus

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Rummors were all over the place last week that Stella Demasus was fighting Lola Alao over comments credited to lola in an interview about why nollywood Actress marry married men,she has debunked it,pls read this message sent to us by her publiciiststella ddd


Good day people, please ignore any false information claiming that multi-talented actress, Stella Damasus is attacking fellow actress, Lola Alao over some comments Lola allegedly made in an interview. To put the records straight; Stella doesn’t have any problem with Lola Alao, and there was no time she made any statement about her.
Please disregard such misleading and unfounded rumour.
Thanks for your usual understanding.
Square Image Associates
(Stella Damasus’ Publicist)

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