Stella Demasus in her own words Talks About Hypocrisy in church

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A few months ago I wrote one of the most controversial articles “I have questions” and I got so many responses, both good and bad.

Most of it was so bad that a lot of people seized the opportunity to tell me all the things they had been wanting to tell me for so long. They cursed me and made me out to be a monster and a rebel.

The funny thing was that I was loving it so much because at that point I knew I had hit a nerve in a lot of people. My aim was achieved during that time as I got a lot of people to talk about it.

The most shocking thing about it is that the most constructive responses, advice and arguments I got were from Muslims, who sent in research materials. Thank God for my strong and unchangeable love for my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, I would have been converted easily. My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who call themselves Christians were busy insulting me and raining curses on my generation without even answering any of the questions I asked. Only a few pastors and Christians were kind and mature enough to make their points known, which I appreciated.

In all of this, I still maintain and stand my ground that the church of today has failed us in all aspects of life. From politics, to domestic violence, to marriages, to business, to even knowing what to do as a people who need God to save the nation. The Christians are the first to judge and condemn, they are the first to make you feel you are not worth it, they are the first to laugh at you and they are the first to make you feel like God is so far from you but close to them because your sins are too great.

They have lied to people for too long and people have carried too much pain and guilt, thereby losing out on the blessings and the purpose laid down for them by God. Some of the pastors of today have taken it upon themselves to become mini gods and untouchables. They have misled too many people, especially our generation to the point that there is a huge disconnect between young people and God. Notice that I did not say young people and church, I said young people and God. They have made the church a place were only certain types of people can enter, even though the Bible says Jesus came especially for the sinners. I thank God for pastors like Ituah Ighodalo and Kelechi Chukwuemeka who have stood their grounds to be servants and ministers who say it as it is. They have stood as men of God and not made themselves God of men. Where are all the people who claim to be God’s Generals? They should stop flying high and come low to let us know they are still humans. Let us know they are the servants of God and not God himself.

The entertainment industry has had a lot of painful losses and people have had different prophecies and different theories as to what could be going on. A lot of pastors and entertainers have tried to come together to pray and worship so that God will help put an end to all that is going on.

People die everyday and people fall sick everyday. It is not peculiar to my industry so I will not live in fear everyday of my life because I am worried that I might be next. God did not give us the spirit of fear so I am not afraid at all.

However, I must state here that the whole entertainment industry needs to go back to their source; we need to turn away from all the evil and  dangerous things a lot of people have put their hands into, just for the fame and the money. We need to stop leading more people to hell with the content we are putting out there. We all need to know where we have gone wrong and start to retrace our steps to where we all came from. This whole mess started with the disconnect from the house of God where a lot of us belonged but these same churches failed a lot of us one way or the other, but we never got a chance to even speak to the pastors and church leaders who believe that they have become spirits that are unapproachable.

There are some things that need to be said and some things that need to be heard and STELLA DAMASUS is not afraid to say it or hear it exactly like it is. There must be a middle ground between the house of God and the children of God who have been blessed with so much talent; given to them by God and not the world. We don’t all have to be gospel singers or evangelists or do church movies for us to have a free relationship with God and His house. But how can we do that when we are even afraid to be identified with a particular church publicly/ I am done with all the silence, backbiting, gossip, fear, ignorance, hypocrisy and the lies in the church today and I am tired of the unspoken battle, the cold war between entertainment and the house of God. If nobody can boldly come out and talk about it, I am ready to bear the consequences, because God will not be happy to see that we know the truth but for fear of other human beings we choose to keep quiet and let His children perish for lack of knowledge. That is sinful silence.

After the article, I decided to put a talkshow together to address some of these issues. But alas, so many factors started rising against it. Unfortunately for them, my determination grew stronger and faster.

I have decided to put an event together in conjunction with my partner and the only radical pastor I know who is not afraid to speak the truth. The event is tagged ENTERTAINMENT AND GOD which will take place on 3 March in Abuja. If you are an entertainer, stylist, publicist, beautician, photographer, pastor, choir member, media personnel, journalist, presenter or anyone who feels he/she needs to hear what I have to say, then please come and attend  this event.

May the souls of ENEBELI ELEBUWA, GOLDIE HARVEY and JUSTUS ESIRI rest in perfect peace.


  1. imama-ganiyat

    February 27, 2013 at 11:41 PM

    If this is not another form of “popularity format”, then I tell you this is the first time someone is coming out to speak objectively about the ‘church and the nation’! It is a right step track for eyes to be opened!! Best of luck

  2. pearl

    February 28, 2013 at 2:33 PM

    I won’t take all these from a husband snatcher

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