Easter Interview!Mike Ezuruonye says His Mom is the best woman in the world,speaks on career

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mike eeWhat has since changed in the Nollywood you entered into and Nollywood of today?

Well I would say the technical qualities of our films are getting better. Also the emergence of the cinema culture is opening up new avenues of making money for producers. That has created what people now refer to New Nollywood. However I will say there has been a large influx of new actors who really don’t love acting but want to be stars. They are not interested in advancing their craft.

 Tell us how you have been managed fame,you are good looking and have money,how do you manage the girls?

Discipline is number one.  If you are not disciplined you will loose focus. Fame is something you constantly manage as an actor. You keep working on it.  I make sure I keep close to my close knit family and friends who do not hesitate to tell me when I am going wrong.  I am thankful to God for all I have achieved so I do not let fame get to my head.  Once you tell yourself that many of your fans like the characters they see you play on TV and not you as a person since they don’t know you, it humbles you.

3. how did you get the glo deal?

I was in the US when I received a call from someone.  It was kind of funny because I thought it was some joke or that someone wanted to defraud me.  I left the States for Ghana and then received another call confirming that it was indeed true.

4. Are you not bothered that you do more of home video than cinema movies

Not at all. There are more jobs in home video than cinema so it is logical that I would work more in home videos.  However I have shot some cinema standard movies which are yet to be released. As you know, the cinema process of releasing takes longer. I am also working on a major film with my manager which is currently in pre-production and will be released next year.

5.  Most of your colleagues have turned producer/director,do you have a plan to be one

   I do have an interest in producing and directing but exploring my talent as an actor is my major thing now. Like I said before, I am working on co-producing a major film with my manager. It is a project that is very dear to my heart but I do not want to reveal much at this time.

 You dress very well,what makes you tick?
Thanks for the compliment.  When it comes to fashion, I always say that my body is my mobile office so I must always cover or dress it appropriately. I take into consideration the event before deciding what to wear. Also my mood plays a huge part in what I wear and I aim to be comfortable.

 Who do you see as a role model?
   Truthfully!! My mother ….. my superwoman. I have never known anyone more positive and hardworking as my mom. My father died when I was young and my superwoman had to do it alone. Her children owe all their success to the fact that she stayed strong throughout.
 Which movie do you see as the movie that brought you to limelight?

I would say Critical decision

 How did your folks react when you said you were going to Nollywood?

They were very supportive because they knew I was arts inclined from when I was young.

 How have you been able to go scandal free in this era where most of your colleagues live on scandals
 I don’t even understand that statement of yours. What do you define as scandal? We go through what others go through but it is magnified 100 times because we are popular.  We are often judged wrongly or misquoted. That is a cross every public person carries.  Truth be told, I live my life and just try my very best to stay out of trouble.


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    my sweetheart!!! Kip on dressn fine, jor! u work 4 it.

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    September 14, 2013 at 11:24 PM

    Ma man u are everly the best, pls kip on

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