Kayode Salako Replies Allegations that Foluke Daramola used Juju to Marry him

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Things are happening,Bukky fasuyi put a call to us several times within the last few days alleging that Foluke daramola was supposed to just sleep with Kayode Salako for one night so she can raise her house rent in Marwa Gardens and According to her because of Kayode deep pocket they went to an Herbalist and made Kayode to chase his wife away,she says her conscience is making her to talk,Here is Kayode Salako Response to Bukky Fasuyifoluke

Foluke is a very beautiful woman and she had all the opportunity in this world to mess around, but she never did that. I didn’t meet Foluke with a range rover jeep, a duplex or millions in her account. Surprising, she does not even have tattoo anywhere on her body like many other actresses. All I met her with is her sanity, ambition, academic certificates, hope and her God. I am sure the Foluke Daramola Princess Fasuyi is talking about is not my own Foluke.
Yes! Foluke can be an actress, but she is not the typical ones. It was never in my ambition or preference to date a Nigerian actress, let alone marry one. But She is not materialistic and wayward. Everything I desire in a woman is all she has got. If Bukola is sure she charmed me, I do not believe and can never believe. So, she should forget about us and face the business of her own life. I already live with Foluke in the same house and I know she is not diabolic or fetish.
‘ I want to reiterate it for the umpteenth time that my ex-wife did not leave me because of Foluke. It is not Foluke that broke my home. what broke my home is God himself. So, people who seek to know should go and ask God. He would always reveal it to them. One thing I know is that it is better for my ex- wife to go than to die, living with me. The world, one day, will still say I killed her to do juju. My ex says she doesn’t want to die living with me. Do I continue to force her to live with me so that she can die? Is it not better for her to leave so that she can be alive to take care of her children? And when God says Foluke is my wife, should I reject God’s wish for my life. Marrying Foluke is God’s instruction and that is the best that has happened to me.
He ,however, concluded by saying, ‘If God convinces a man about anything he no longer needs anybody’s opinion, For this reason, I do not need Princess Fasuyi’s opinion or confession. She should tell her conscience to stop deceiving her’. I know both Foluke and Fasuyi very well and I knowShe should tell her conscience to stop deceiving her’. I know both Foluke and Fasuyi very well and I know she does not come near Foluke in terms of ideal characteristic attributes. Foluke is my wife and there is nothing anybody’s stupid story can do about it. Or do I appear or look like a man living under the influence of any juju to anybody?’
I am more than 1000% that Foluke is my wife so princess Bukola should not continue to waste her time telling the world a story that cannot change anything any more.’In all of this stupidity being promoted by Bukola Fasuyi, I think there is only one motive more than any is what she is looking for. May be relevance and attention. What she is looking for is relevance.

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