Princess Bukola Fasuyi replies Actress Foluke Daramola,Stop Jumping from one prophet to Another

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I have refrained from discussing this issue any further; because of the unsavory things I might have to say to clear the air. However, I have received so many calls from our friends asking me to clear the air on the matter for posterity.

In the spirit of fairness, I wish to set the records straight regarding the issues of my relationships with Foluke Daramola and said Kayode Salako; her purported husband. I have read with pain in my heart the gibberish with which the two of them responded to my soul cleansing comments and feel highly obliged to tell the world the story as it is without any garnishing.

It is sad that Kayode Salako in his reply shamelessly said that “if Foluke is feeding him with juju that it is okay with him because she has brought value to his life!” What a pity! Anyway, I didn’t expect much difference from him because he is under remote control anyway. And Foluke on her part chose to deride me by saying that, now that they are married, that it is important that I her friend should step aside. I truly wish her well. After all, the evil that men do, live after them! And in her case, it is will soon show.


I must also here state with all sense of humility, that I was born noble and brought up with the highest level of commitment to the ideals of discipline and good behaviours, which has reflected in my attitude to life and relationship with fellow humans.

Kayode and I met a couple of years ago and he proposed I manage his image, which I volunteered to do as a professional. In the course of work, he asked me to become his lover, which of course I rejected vehemently for about a year, as I am blessed with a blossoming relationship, which I still guard with the highest sense of dedication till date.

It is very imprudent of Kayode to paint himself in the garb of my benefactor as I never asked him for money at anytime and never equally received any other form of empathy from him except on one occasion when he out of his freewill sent me Five thousand Naira recharge Cards.

I challenge Kayode to refute my claim that he was once broke. He asked for a loan of hundred thousand naira, which I gave to him. Of course I never discussed with anyone until this moment that it became necessary to set the record straight as a result of necessity.

The said Kayode in his attempt to shore up his benefactor-status, claimed I brought before him my dreams for the constituency I cherish most, the less privileged of our society; will somebody please explain to me when it became a sin to share ones views and ideas? However in his own case, I unequivocally say that, I never took my dreams before Kayode for assistance and he never rendered any of such to me or my organization, instead I want to remind him if his memory has started failing him so soon that I was the one who proposed the Change Agents as an Organization to him at Mama’s restaurant and not his commanding wife as he erroneously claims now.

On his relationship with Foluke and his claim that I am the devil’s advocate, I think he needs to do some soul searching. Why does he keep jumping from one Prophet to the order in search of nothing, but to test the veracity of his claim that Foluke is his ordained wife? I really pity this guy.

In addition, Kayode claims that I said, “I would have fallen in love with him and married him if I dated him”; I want to say without any sense of remorse that I never felt anything towards him at any point and could not have imagined dating him, let alone fall in love or marry another man’s husband. I am sure he must have mistaken me for Foluke when he said that; we look alike facially, at least that’s what people keep saying!

I am also highly displeased with Foluke Daramola’s shameless claims concerning me; she has never been of any help to me as I have never been cursed to request any from her. She is said to have flaunted her ill-gotten vehicle as a prized jewel, I will not flaunt my achievements in an altercation of this sort and I am rest assured, she didn’t mean to say that in a matter concerning me.

She knows well that all my achievements were through dint of hard work and dedication to professionalism, not backstabbing, backbiting and definitely not immorality. I am self made through the aid of God’s benevolence and I thank Him for that.

I wish to at this point say that I am the C. E. O. of a Media outfit that has made me and I equally pay back to the Society that made me through a Foundation that cares for the less privileged and needy, with testimonies from those we have been fortunate to aid in abundance, so the duo should relent in their attempt to dress me up as a needy. I thank God that I am not a less privileged requiring their assistance, they probably would have claimed to be my creator.

Her allegation of sexual impropriety against her colleagues in the industry (Nollywood) is most unfortunate and indecent as she cannot claim to have been upright at any point. Of course that she has never been lucky to have found a man sane enough to commit to her and her impropriety is not an excuse for her to go about slandering every Nollywood artiste. I wonder why Foluke can’t be patient to allow her Masters Degree, beautiful and well known face to earn her a living instead of chasing other peoples’ husbands about like a dog in heat.

Those who are familiar with her will relish you with stories of her philandering with different members of the opposite sex; a story that is too gory for your highly regarded ears and eyes. The likes of Bisi another Artiste in the movie industry and a former House of Representative member, whom she willfully and maliciously separated with her shenanigans in a bid to also get a piece of the action with the Representative must be counting their losses now for allowing her to come between them.

It is sad that I have to mention that I have never benefited anything from my friendship with Foluke as she has lived as a pest for most of her life, seeking fresh bloods to suck after dumping used up ones.

Foluke’s haughtiness and brash tongue has earned her nothing but reprimand from the disciplined and humble members of the society and I will not want to compound her woes, but rather pray for her to find reprieve from the spirit of deceit, cheating and skullduggery that has bedeviled her all her life.

On a more humble note, I wish to re-affirm to the two of them for the records, that God has blessed me with in terms of wealth, attitude and humility than the said boastful Kayode, and instead of retracing her steps, Foluke in her arrogance, she is rather trying to impress and distract the world that I am jealous of her and her achievements.

My soul cleansing will not be dampened by their unrepentant souls, so I want to say that I regret introducing Foluke to Kayode, because when I did, it was in order for them to synergize their business ideas and assist each other in anyway they think appropriate, but events have taken a different turn today, with Kayode’s wife being chased out of her matrimonial home by Folake and her bewitched husband.

I do not wish to suffer similar fate in life and that is why I am doing this soul cleansing not because as the two of them claim that I am pained by their sordid misdeeds, which they have surreptitiously entwined me into. Glory be to God for His mercies, I have broken loose from the bondage through my confession and prayers for forgiveness; Hallelujah.

I also pray for those of you that are alleging that I am being jealous, I wish you the best of luck and pray that God will not put you in such shoes that I and Kayode’s wife have been forced to wear by these two people without conscience.

What they need now is prayers from all of those who care about good life and good living, so please pray for Foluke and Kayode. They need it badly and don’t know it. After all the Bible says, “man perishes for his ignorance”.

On a final note if Foluke and Kayode have done well in their dealings, time will tell and God, the impartial final arbiter will definitely judge

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