Entries open for Gimaa Awards

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Movie submissions for the 2013 GIAMA Awards Houston, Texas is now open! Film makers and participants interested in being considered for the awards should please submit their entries from April 2 to May 31st 2013. The categories for the 2013 GIAMA are as follows:


  1. Best Motion Picture
  2. Best Actor
  3. Best Actress
  4. Best New Actor
  5. Best New Actress
  6. Best Original Screenplay (best script)
  7. Best Indigenous Film (native language)
  8. Best Supporting Actor
  9. Best Supporting Actress
  10. Best Film (comedy)
  11. Best Film (drama)
  12. Best Film Director
  13. Best Short Film
  14. Producer of the Year
  15. Lifetime Achievement Award
  16. Humanitarian Award
  17. Heroes Award
  18. Best Original Soundtrack
  19. Best Costume
  20. Best Cinematography
  21. Best Sound
  22. Music Achievement Award
  23. Appreciation Awards 


  1. Best Film (Diaspora)
  2. Best Film Director (Diaspora)
  3. Most Promising Actor (Diaspora)
  4. Most Promising Actress (Diaspora) 


  1. Best Male Act (Viewer’s Choice)
  2. Best Female Act (Viewer’s Choice)

The 2nd annual GIAMA ceremony will commence on the 19th of October, 2013 in Houston, Texas. For more information go to  on www.giamaawards.com  and www.nollywoodaccess.com for more info on criteria, rules etc

For all other enquiries including clarification or rules for submission, please email: [email protected] or

GIAMA Nigeria Representative Bola Aduwo at [email protected]gimaa

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