Full details of how Actor Solomon Akiyesi 1st wife stops his church wedding today

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This is According to Stella Dimoko korkus

Actor Solomon Akiyesi Played out a real life script today Saturday April

The Actor attempted to marry a second wife named Uloma today and the pregnant first wife paid them a surprise visit in church,Venue of overcomers Church Ramlat Timson in Aguda,Surulere is filled with a big crowd and the bride to be is crying out her eyes as Pastors,Deacons and all manner of men of God intervene and try to see how to pacify the pregnant first wife.

Pregnant and in tears,she told anyone who cares to listen that she is the breadwinner of the family and they have been legally married for 6yrs.
This is the poster she showed of when they took their vows 6years ago

The Actor however came back to the pulpit after several meetings and apologised to his guests explaining that he had separated from his first wife…and estranged wife is claiming shes pregnant for Solomon…Na wah.

This is him explaining and Papaz on ground says the wedding will hold afterall….well it didnt

Guess what?Uloma and Solomon have already conducted a secret traditional wedding ceremony and today’s church wedding was just to give the bride”the wedding of a lifetime as every lady getting married deserves”—–Well she got it!

As for first wife Lilian…If she has been estranged from her hubby,who has the pregnancy she claims to be carrying?Were they having problems and still having sex?#Not our business.

May God help Uloma get through this shock and may she not loose the baby in Jesus name.

As for Solomon,he may have already married Uloma but he should please get  divorced and forget about another church wedding.

As for the first wife who stormed the wedding;I so totally disagree with those saying she should have waited and sued for bigamy…Men like Solomon need to be taught a reality lesson.

If you are out there and attempt to do what Lilian did today,Please prepare yourself like she did because the tables might turn on you.
As for those who got beaten by the touts today and are in Hospital,I pray they recover well.

Oh,I forgot to add that Ulomas friends who wore aso-ebi for her today tried to make guests at the reception venue ‘feel at home’ and kept assuring them the bride would show up,they even prevented Papaz at the venue from snapping pics and wouldn’t answer any questions.They made sure guests ate well,the DJ played songs,the MC did his part and all left but the beautiful and expensive looking black and white cake was left untouched as guests departed.
Kudos to the aso-ebi ladies.

Actor Emeka Enyiocha was supposed to be the best man at today’s wedding that never was but he is busy shooting a movie in the east and could not make the wedding….talk about everything going wrong at this wedding.
Why was Lilian cussing out Director Lancelot Imaseun?Uloma is Lancelot’s ex girlfriend so why was she cussing him out?


  1. bimbo esan

    April 13, 2013 at 9:54 PM

    Wonder shall never end. This our so called Nollywood actors and actressess were really doing wonders and I’m sure God,s anger will visit them all. That una madness wey dey make una feel say,una feel do anything and made away with it. 99% of you were irresponsible

    • somebody

      April 14, 2013 at 8:06 AM

      Must u curse all actresses? Na wao!

  2. Oye williams

    April 13, 2013 at 10:58 PM

    Bimbo esan..

  3. Eccentricity

    April 14, 2013 at 4:35 AM

    While I understand the urgency to post “earth shattering news” like this, do try to edit your work.

    This article reads like something a mildly retarded omo labindin put together.


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