Monalisa Chinda says she will remarry and says Ex Husband is a Closed Chapter in her Life

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This is what Monalisa Chinda told Vanguard

We learnt that you  are planning to go into marriage again. Is it true?
I would love to remarry. In fact, I’m designed to be under a man. I’m not going to lie that I like this ‘single mother nomenclature. But whereby there is no one at the moment, one is bound to get used to the situation. It’s not a ‘do- or -die affair’ because I have been there before, anything I’m going to do now,it has to be done right.

I’m not in the school of thought, where the first one happened and perhaps, the second one. No, any bold step I have to take in settling down again, it has to be right. I’m not ready to make another mistake. But I will definitely remarry. I believe in the principles of marriage. Whether you like it or not, marriage is a better option.

How  soon are you planning to settle down?
I honestly don’t know about that, and I can’t tell for now.

Have  you found love again?
It’s neither here nor there. I’m  a lover and I love to love.

It was rumoured recently that you have found love again?
Is there anything wrong with that? I just replied you that I love to love. What else do you want to know.

Your fans would want to know if there is any man in your life at the moment?
Yes, there is a man in my life.

…Lanre Nzeribe right?
No comment. This is my private life.

People are alleging that you are pregnant for him?
You can see that I’m not pregnant.  Naturally, I’m not pregnant for anybody.

With such shocking experience, what would you say life has taught you?   
I’ m a bit stronger and wiser now than before. I have known how not to get involved in anything emotional again. If you are  emotional even in a relationship, you don’t get to think. One shouldn’t  allow her  emotion to overrule  her sense of reasoning.

I have understood what it means to be patient to persevere and also, to be careful with people around me. If somebody around you is your very good friend, you end  up finding that the person is actually an enemy in disguise. I have learnt all of that because I have been alone. While my marriage was intact, I was not keeping friends.  After I’m through with my work, I usually  retire to my house. But since I’m alone, and having to mix up with a lot of people, I have realised that I have to be very careful and free-minded and at the same time, be myself.

In the midst of all these  challenges,  what would you say has kept you going?
I’m  a very strong woman, and open-minded. I know who I am. I’m a Godly person, but I’m not a perfectionist. If I do something wrong, I will always find a way to show remorse and repent of whatever sin I might have committed. That has kept me going. I’m highly determined and  focused. I do not go by what people say about me.

If your ex- comes back to you today, will you accept him again?   
God forbid.  He’s a closed chapter  in my life.

Does it mean your little daughter  is not missing her father?   
She doesn’t know her father . She was barely a year when our marriage crashed. I think she will ask some day.Monalisa-Chinda-2

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