Special 43th Birthday Femi Branch speaks on Family and Career

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Nollywood Actor, Femi Branch, who recently celebrated his 43years birthday at Beerhurg, Shoprite, Ikeja Lagos, in an interview with Best of Nollywood has this to say about himself. Enjoy.


BON: Can wemeet you?

FEMI: Well, you know, Femi Branch, actor, Director, Film Producer, Writer est. est. (Smiles).


BON: Can you tell us what growing up was like?

FEMI: Eh….growning up was ok,  ehm…I was privilege, not that my fox were rich or anything like that, we were average people, they were both teachers, you know, So I had a very strict upbringing were your father and your mother are teachers you can imagine, so growing up was ok, very very strict upbringing, very very disciplinary family, nice.


BON: Would you say that’s the reason for you acting roles that are disciplinarian roles?

FEMI: I don’t know about that (Laughs), I don’t know about that, (Laughs).


BON: How long have you being acting?

FEMI: Haaa….Since 1991, yeah, since 1991 yeah.


BON: What film would you say brought you to  limelight?

FEMI: Ehm….humm…well it wasn’t a film, it was two things actually, the MTN commercial, yeah, then ehm..the T.V. Soap Domino. Yeah, those  are the two.


BON: So how do you cope being a Yoruba and English Actor?

FEMI: Well, like I say must of the time, the language is just a medium, like somebody asked me, that why sometimes when some people call me yoruba actor, am like, am not a yoruba actor, am just an actor, I can act in any Language. If you want me  to act in Swahili as long as there is a dialogue coach there to help out, I will do it, so, the language is just a medium, yeah.


BON: So far so good, how would you describe the Nollywood industry?

FEMI: We’ve eh…, we’ve made a lot of tremendous progress, ehn..we are grateful to those who started it, you know, ehn…but we’ve gone very far, now we, we are reconed with all over the world as serious film makers, its a gradual thing, its not a days job but I think we  are getting there gradually.


BON: Any embarrassing moments in your life?

FEMI: Ahaaa…..my life (smiles), we are talking about 43 years, so (smiles) that’s along time, definitely I have had a lot of embarrassment, yes there are yeah, but I can’t recall any particular one now but definitely.


BON: how do you handle embarrassment from fans?

FEMI: I don’t handle them, I just relate with them, they are people who appreciate what you do, so the best thing you can do is to appreciate them back. So yeah, that’s it, I appreciate them, who ever appreciate me I appreciate the person, even those that do not appreciate me, I still appreciate them (smiles).


BON: How do you manage being an actor and a husband?

FEMI: Its not easy, ehn…like for instance am here in Lagos, am shooting, and my family are in Abeokuta, I had to dash in to see them today being my birthday, just saw them for a couple of hours, its not even up to  two hours, before then, I haven’t seen them for like two weeks or so. So the challenge is really with them having to  bear my absence most of the times, but thank God I have a very understanding wife that understands the in strings of my job and a very supportive family, that is what has helped me so far.


BON: In few words what would you describe yourself as?

FEMI: Ahaa….well….I don’t know, am ehn….am a simple person, I have a very simple taste, I believe very much in myself, I believe very much in what I do and what I can do, I believe that God is the source of my success and that everything belongs to  him and should be used to glorify him one way or the other. So that’s it, am very unassuming, am very very out going and I can be very very introvertic, you know, it depends on the mood and the situation. So that’s it.


BON: As a movie Director, do you have anything coming up for us?

FEMI: oh yes! Yes, yes definitely, there is a project that I was doing, ehn..in 2011, its a, its a movie, its a one of its kind, we  are going back on location to  finish it very soon, but before then, on the first of June, at Terra culture. Am having, well, am a writer and a publishing actor as you know, so am having one of my plays being staged at Terra culture and its starring seven of Nollywood best actors, we have, Segun Arinze, we have Doris Simeon, Mercy Aigbe, Funky Mallam, Ricardo Agbo, Femi Brenard, Afeez Oyetoro, you know in the cast, so that’s coming up on the first of June at Terra culture, so, because am usually a stage person and I have stayed off stage for so many years and I decided to comeback now. So you know, film is very very jealous, it hardly gives you time for anything else, but am trying to  now make out time to go back to  stage and even if am not acting on stage, let me  put some of my plays on stage for those people who have being asking for it.


BON: Final word for your fans out there?

FEMI: Well, keep believing in yourself, trust in God, whatever takes you to  the top keeps you there, if it is God that took you there, nobody can bring you down, if its your talent that takes you there your talent will keep you there, you understand, so that’s it, just believe in yourself, don’t compromise, if you compromise you must be ready to  keep compromising for the rest of your life. That’s is, so stay principled, somewhere somehow, somebody will discover what you have and you will profit from it

femi branch


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