Beverly Naya Speaks on Her selling Point says i kiss very well,speaks on relationship with Uti

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Beverly Naya is one of Nollywood Emerging stars,she told Punch her selling point and speaks on her rummored Affair with Bba star Uti,Enjoy itBeverly-Naya

Did you and Uti ever date?

We are not dating. Uti and I are nothing more than just friends. My boyfriend did not like the rumours. He did not find it funny. You cannot just be in a relationship and your lover is reading things like that about you with somebody else. Jealousy will definitely set in because he is romantically linked with you and nobody would appreciate that. You really have to prove that really there is nobody else except that person you are with.

Describe your dream man

My dream man should be basically tall, handsome, ambitious, God-fearing and knows how to treat a woman.

What is your selling point?

If it is physically, I do not know but I get compliments on my eyes and my lips a lot. So, I’ll say maybe that is what it is, but I don’t know. I’m a very good kisser though.

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