My Husband cant dump me,Only me can Dump Him Chioma Toplis

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The actress was asked in a recent interview to clarify if her white husband of 18years has left her or not and here is what she said;

“Not for me, no matter how they talk about it, it will never happen. I know what I’m talking about because I know the man I am married to, it will never happened. That is why I’m not moved when I read what they write on the pages of newspapers and the Internet. In fact, if I tell my husband that I am living him today, he will commit suicide.

I am the pillar of that home, though I am not the one proving for the family but I remain the pillar. I can say it again, I don’t see my marriage crashing, if they like let them do or say whatever they like my husband will not leave me it is me that would decide whether I am going to leave him or not.chioma t

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