Bimbo Thomas Says she is not scared of Marriage,Talks Fondly about Mc Oluomo

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This is what Bimbo Thomas told Tribune about Marriage and mc oluomothomas-bimbo_350

What is it about female celebrities that they don’t want to get married early, while the married are having problems holding their homes together?
Haa! I don’t know about that one o.  Dis one pass me o. Why won’t anyone want to get married early, apart from been a celebrity? Staying longer than expected in your parents house is already enough headache for any lady to say I do. Most celebrities state reasons like, taking time away off work; in search of the man who will love me for me, how to get a balance between your home/career. Then probably change of name if you wish. I believe that marriage is ordained by God. So it will be done by any individual at God’s given time.

You talked as though you are going through the same problem. Are you not under pressure from your family to settle down or you are scared you may lose your relevance if you take some time off the scene?
Nbanu, relevance giini… an igbo person would say. Your questions are funny. I can’t stop laughing. I will be taken soon by God’s grace and it would only edify my career, I promise you. I will urge you to just watch, since you know how to observe very well.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done since you hit the limelight?
I am actually thinking of what that could be right now. I think there is nothing. I don’t care about lime-light or being a celebrity. I do my crazy stuffs if I feel like. I missed the freedom to do whatever I want to do whenever and however I so choose.

You love to expose your cleavage; is that why some people believe you are one of the sexiest in Nollywood?
You don’t mean it! Wow! I’m really blushing now, but really come to think of it, look at me, do I look sexy? I leave you to tell if I am sexy or not.

What is it about Yoruba speaking actresses and MC Olu Omo that he keeps giving you people cars and money, especially when you want to shoot or premiere movies?
Are you saying it is a crime for someone who decides to appreciate people’s efforts, when God has given him the ability to do so? I’m sure whoever gets any gift as a result of hard work from anybody would be glad and thankful.

Would you receive any gift in terms of money or car if he gives you one?
The man is a friend and a brother to most prominent actors and actresses. Honestly, you are funny. Why won’t I? It’s a gift and that’s the more reason I will take it.

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