Liz da silva opens up Mc Oluomo is not the father of my baby but Alhaji Olaoye

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This is what Liz dasilva told city people about her new child,the father of her baby and marriage,we gather that she has since changed her name to Aishat Olaoye .

 So I guess the next step now is marriage since you already have a child out of wedlock?

I will always say, fingers are not equal, if marriage comes, I will surely embrace it but now I am not after marriage. If it comes, fine because every woman wants to be married.

 Is the father of your baby the man you once had an introduction with?

I never had any introduction or anything with anybody; fine I have people I have dated but not marriage. You see I was in a relationship and planned on settling down but it didn’t work. People plan and  it doesn’t work, you let it go and move on. So if you are talking about it there father of my baby is the man I was planning to get married to, he is not.

 So who is the father of your baby?

 I am not ready to disclose the father of my baby, my relationship or love affair but it is not possible for me not to have someone, at least I am old enough. I don’t have any business with anybody, their business should be me, I am the focus here, I brought myself to the world in 2004 when I joined the movie industry, the father of my child is not their problem. So people should leave him alone. If they have any problem, they should deal with me. Why are they after the father of my baby? I have not gone to anybody to beg for the child’s upkeep so what is their business?

 Don’t you think it will be wise to just tell us who the father of the ay is because several names have been mentioned including MC Oluomo?

 Let them talk, it is normal. Even when I tell them the truth, they will talk so let them talk. I am not bothered. Is it possible for me not to know the father of my baby? I have intentionally kept quite all along because I just didn’t want to talk. My baby and my baby’s father shouldn’t be their problem. I know the father of my baby and he was present at the naming. I have a baby father, period. No matter how long you persuade I am not ready to disclose his identity. Incase you want to know I have a good relationship with my baby’s father and that is why I had to convert to Muslim and got a new name aishat before they baby was named. I am a Christian, but I had to convert to Islam because of my baby. If not my child will not be named. It was done on Sunday before the naming. I am now aisha…. Not ready to disclose the other name. (Laughs)

 So that means you are married to the father of your son? For you to have changed your name and add his surname?

 I am not married properly, don’t get me wrong. What I did is a religious rite that needed to be done before the child could be named. The father is a Muslim. I will inform you when I want to get married.

From what you have said the father of you baby is a Muslim, and looking back, the only Muslim man you have linked with is MC Oluomo, does that means he is the father?

 (Laughs). My child is not for MC Oluomo, but MC is a man I will always respect. I can say it anywhere because he stood by me when I needed him, but he is not the father of my child, that I can say.

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  1. somebody

    July 1, 2013 at 12:45 PM

    Where did u now get Alhaji olaoye from? Cos she never said anything like that from ur post. Whichever way, leave the poor girl alone.

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