Agn crisis charles inojie praises ibinabo fibresima courage

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ibinaboWe must congratulate the examplary courage displayed by the Ibinabo Fiberisima led leadership of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), with the recent suspesion/expulsion of some members of the Guild who in the recent past have comported themselves in a manner that left much to be desired.Our support for Madam President’s action stems from the fact that an individual or a group of individuals (for that matter) cannot be bigger than the constitution of the Guild. She is therefore infallibly in order by weilding the disciplinary hammer of the Guild in the manner that she did.We reaffirm our ressolve that AGN is one indivisible entity and therefore strongly condemns the divissive tendencies of some members who have become notorious for being perennial trouble makers and occupational litigants.Our greatest strength as an association lies in our unity!Signed:Charles InojieFor: National Association of Committed Actors (NACOCAS)

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