Yewande Adekoya releases book on Amazon

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Actress and producer yewande Adekoya recently released a book on Amazon,here is how Amazon described her book,she is popular for her role in omo elemosho,nice one we think


Book Title: LIFE’S INSTRUCTION BOOK FOR YOUNG WOMEN By Yewande Adekoya Abiodun.

Yewande Adekoya Abiodun compiled this little instruction book for young and vibrant women like herself who are looking for new and effective ways of enriching their lives. This little instruction book is a collection of age old principles and ideas that have worked for young women over the years; principles which she herself has embraced as her life style. This life’s little instruction book was compiled to serve as a hint book which will offer young women specific tools, plan, actions and attitudes necessary to make life more enriching. This book gives you endless streams of new insight about life and how to handle it.  If you equip yourself with the right knowledge, you are more likely to live a more fulfilled life than those young women who care less about self discovery. What is the right disposition towards your health, God, Love and the people around you? Find that out in this little book. Please don’t just own a copy of this book; recommend it
to your friends.

you can connect with Yewande Adekoya Abiodun via


  1. bogunmbe abiola paul

    July 16, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    Am so happy to read that one of our amiable actors in Yoruba movie industry wrote a book about women, though am not suprise because she is endowed, her movie always speak…. Wish you good in ur choosen career…

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