Kenny Oloyede speaks i am still married to Funke Akindele

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This is According to Encomium Magazine


Kehinde Oloyede, Funke Akindele’s estranged husband says his marriage is still intact. He said those posting of different messages on the internet about their breakup of the marriage are unscrupulous elements who are not happy about the success of their marriage.

The full text of Mr Kehinde Oloyode’s message to Encomium weekly through his email address read thus: ‘After consultation with my family and friends, am happy to inform the general public that my facebook account was hacked by unscrupulous elements who are not happy and cannot handle the level of success of our marriage.

Permit me to say categorically that our marriage is still intact, growing and waxing stronger.

I thank my family and friends that have shown concern, particularly my wife’s loyal fans. We thank you and love you all’.

This statement was received on Friday, July 19, 2013 after Encomium magazine sent a questionnaire to Kehinde Oloyede over the purported message he posted on his facebook account about the breakup of his marriage.

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