Concerned Fan Writes Funke Akindele Emotional letter over Marriage

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You will come out of this situation great in the name of Jesus.

Let it be clear to you that I know how you feel at the moment – Your marriage was like a son to you: I once lost a child after waiting for 3yrs, under this situation, my wife had 4 surgery within 48 hours – yet we lost our baby.

As I was driving my wife to the hospital that day, my tyre burst, and I’d to pack it off the road and pick a Taxi: By the time we got to the hospital, she had already dilated 4cm.

But, as I quickly rushed home the next day, God told me to return to the hospital quickly with my DVD player and my collection of Worship and Praise CDs and DVDs – and he asked me to just keep worshiping Him with the help of those materials I went with, ‘cos I couldn’t have been able to find a song of worship on my own at that time, and before the end of that day, my wife had 3 surgery while I stayed there, painfully though, worshiping and praising God even in that situation.

Yes, we lost the baby, but God promised to return to us with miraculous children (even though devil threatened us that we won’t have a child in a long time) – but, a year after my wife was pregnant again: And now we have two wonderful children, just as the Lord has promised – you’ll love them if you see them, they’re both so smart and I couldn’t ask for more from God.

Likewise, you seem to have lost a dear child to you (regarding your marriage), because first of all it took you a lot of courage to close your hears to all counsel to give LOVE a chance with your hubby, even though you have your doubt and fears ab-initio concerning the guy – Yet you gave love a chance.

It shows you have a high tendency to be focus and courageous, and I want you to direct these inherent assets of yours to God at this moment of your life: ‘eni ti yan ba nba noja niyan koju si’ (it is whom you’re engage in transaction that you focus upon), therefore, focus on Jesus at this moment of your life, because he’ll never leave you nor forsake you – No he won’t, not even what appears to be a mess now.

What To Do:
Now, there are 3 things God cannot reject or refuse: 1. A genuine worship unto him; 2. A heart that brings a genuine repentance; and 3. A heart that genuinely seek for God’s mercy.

So, take some moment off work and go for a retreat, and take your Cds and DVDs of worship and Praise with your DVD player, and go spend a weak in a quiet place alone with God.

Start by singing songs of genuine worship and praise unto him even with your tears, and genuinely begin to repent any way or anywhere you have failed or disappointed him, or where you’ve directly or indirectly reject his counsel for your life through the authenticity of his Word, the Holy Scripture, and through the words of his oracles, the men of God.

Afterwards, your spirit will become light, and then you’ll begin to ask for mercy from God through the precious blood of his Son, Jesus Christ: Gather relevant scriptures that would help you in every stage ahead, and as you continue to worship him through all these – You’ll feel like a strong burden is taken off you, and you now then begin to speak to God how you want him to return to you to redeem you and your integrity – knowing fully well that he’s able to do exceedingly abundantly far above what you can think or imagine according to his power that lies within you.

I intentionally would not bombard you with relevant scriptures now, a personal mail or a call from you will suffice for me to furnish you with such, as well as daily confession regarding exactly what you now desire for the next level in marriage.

Note carefully, that its not what the whole world is saying about your case that matters now but, that you should get on with God and the Son of his love Jesus, and gather momentum to move to the next level in your life – For, I have the guarantee of the Holy Spirit that you’ll come out GREAT, if and only if you return to Him through this process.

I therefore on your behalf rebuke every voice of darkness and influence of the devil and the enemies over your soul, that the Lord will set you free from every captivity of darkness in the name of Jesus, and that the Covenant of Peace begin to lead you to the liberty of God in Christ Jesus through the blessed Holy Spirit, Amen.

I’ll meet you at the top.

Thank you and God bless.

Your friend,

Taiwo Fajolu
[email protected]

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  1. fola

    July 26, 2013 at 6:10 PM

    Funke, I pray for u everyday, God is with u. Don’t listen to what people are saying about u now, be strong and with God I can assure u better days would come. U are a special breed and u will surely meet d bone of ur bone whom u will spend d rest of ur life with and who will love u for the real you not what u are. Cheer up, take solace in God and HE will be ur strength. Love u from aunty Fola

  2. olubukol

    July 26, 2013 at 7:34 PM

    Dear Jennifer though I was dissappointed you maarried the man in the first place but not too worry our God is on the throne and He is ready to do more than we can think.Put your trust in God and He will visit you.

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