Uche Jombo Releases False, Lies Men Tell

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Actress cum producer, Uche Jombo, is back on track. The actress whose last works, “A Mother’s Fight and Misplaced”, garnered rave reviews and patronage in the market, is set to release two works, “False” and “Lies Men Tell”.

False, which stars Kate Henshaw, Kalu Ikeagwu and Uche Jombo, is a classic case of BBM romance gone too far. The story revolves around Kalu, an unfortunate husband, who wanted to eat his cake and have it, by playing love with a stranger on Blackberry despite having a dutiful and dedicated wife in Kate Henshaw.

In a twist of plots, the stranger (Uche Jombo) takes the play too far, believes the mirage and romance of Blackberry Messenger (BBM) to be real, goes to Kalu’s house and demands that Kate leave her matrimonial home for her to come in. Unfolding events afterwards prove deadly. Kalu tries to save his marriage and at the same time gets entangled in the web of manslaughter/murder.

In Lies Men Tell, Desmond Elliot, a philandering Igbo husband, takes his playboy game too far, but his smart wife, Uche Jombo outwits him in the game of smartness. It will be a game of winner take all with a Range Rover automobile worth over N10 million at stake.

Desmond tells series of lies, but at every juncture he meets the imprint of his wife. In another family, Bhaira McWizu, after enduring series of lies from her philandering husband, Mofe Duncan, contracts STD as an attendant consequence. It’s one endurance too many.

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