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OKP PRODUCTIONS in association with RUKI LONDON bring you a New British/Nigerian Romantic Comedy starring the highly acclaimed JOSEPH BENJAMIN (Tango With Me, Mr and Mrs, Project Fame), the hysterically funny A DOT COMEDIAN (Friday UK, Wild N Out, Crack Me Up) and two favourite Nigerian seasoned veteran actors whom you’re just going to have to eagerly wait for the official announcement to release their identity.


Josiah Abiola (Joseph Benjamin) comes from a wealthy Nigerian family. He graduates from Oxford University, as a Mechanical Engineer and excels in his forte making his family extremely proud. Next stop is to settle down with a nice Nigerian girl who can cook and clean (obviously!), is a Christian and is from a good family (or at least one that his family knows!).

Samantha Smith (actor to be announced very soon!) is stunning and intelligent. Unfortunately however isn’t so great at cooking (except for the occasional beans on toast…and mashed potatoes). She does however have other very admirable qualities – but these don’t matter to Josiah’s family so let’s not dote on them!

Josiah and Samantha meet after a rough night for the both of them and this sparks off a whirlwind romance. They might just be perfect for each other and so of course he, being a gentleman and she, trying so desperately to make this relationship work decide to visit his family and make formal introductions to Sam…. in Nigeria!

You can guess what happens during this trip – what is supposed to be a special occasion turns out to be their worst nightmare.

Throw in a cocktail of a devious ex-girlfriend, an over protective, overdramatic mother, and the fact Sam is…ENGLISH, and you have a recipe for an explosive and disastrous encounter ripe with awkwardness and hilarity.

The Film will be directed by Tony Sebastian Ukpo (Fighter’s Ballad) and is being produced by Segilola Scott (Love Prevails), Edith Nwekenta (Unspoken) and of course Michelle Bello (Flower Girl).

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And last but not least, here is the initial promo for your viewing pleasure. Please note this is not a clip from the movie:

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