I am not going back to Fred Amata Ibinabo

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How much attention are you really giving to your personal life and how is your love life?

My brother, that love life is on pause at the moment (laughs). There is no time for that. My children take all my time. That is all that matters to me right now.

So, you are not in any serious relationship at the moment?

No. Let me focus on my children, their education…

There is speculation that you are back together with Fred Amata? Is Fred history?

It will always come. You know Fred Amata is my baby’s father. We are friends. So, whenever we see we will always talk. But we are not in a relationship.

Was it why you didn’t attend his 50th birthday?

No, I wasn’t around. Why won’t I come? If I was, I would have been there.

How is your daughter? Zino doing?

She is fine. She is even here. I was with her at Omtola’s celebration. Fred came and I was like, yeah, your dady is here. I think the media took the opportunity and concluded we are back together.

So, she’s in constant touch with her dad?

Yes. She is in the UK. She is in primary one.

Yes, the issue of romance for now is on pause, like you claimed. But when you are off the pause mode, what kind of man will appeal to you?

I don’t really know. I guess, I will go for any man that has the fear of God.

From all I know about you, you are beautiful in and out.you are good and can make a good housewife. I always wonder why it was difficult for you to get married?

It wasn’t difficult. I guess it is the people that I dated. They probably were not ready for that kind of relationship. So, I can’t force it.

A lot has also changed about Ibinabo, looking sexier and more beautiful…

I have grown up. I’m a grown woman now. You know the challenges I had been through. So, I had to slow down.

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