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Right from the first scene of this movie, i knew i was in for a 1hr: 45mins of thrill. It was refreshing and exciting to see Adekola Tijani(Golugo), delve into a new role away from his usual and common comedy role. This movie is written by Bose Arowosegbe and directed by Kunle Adegbite. Personally, I think this movie should have been a comedy, just a bit of comic relief to it would send people tumbling in laughter. Notwithstanding, it has earned for itself a pass mark.
The Actors and Actresses, all did a good job in interpreting their roles. Adekola Tijani(DEMOLA), an average young man is engaged to a ministers daughter (JOLADE). His first meeting with his fiancées father is something any average guy can relate with (especially poor guys in love with a rich man’s daughter), the insults and intimidation he receives from him due to his financial status is something he cannot forget In a hurry, I can remember his father-in-law to be tell him that his salary is what his daughter uses in buying make up. His dream of marring Jolade came to a halt after his meeting with his mothers long time friend who just returned from the UK, (MAMA-T), he finds himself helplessly in love with a woman old enough to be his mother, and he is ready to pay the price.
Revenge was the only thing in her mind when Mama-T(Toyin Afolayan) heard that her friends son Demola is getting married to a ministers daughter, she see it as the best time to serve her friend a plate of hot revenge for ruining her engagement to her first suitor when they were younger.
Her first meeting with Demola sent shivering down her spine. Bisola(FATHIA BALOGUN) Mama-T’s younger sister is bent on having him, but was filled with fury when she realized her sister was more than a client to him. She becomes the match stick that sparks fire on their relationship. If she can’t have him, no one else can.
Funmi(Demola’s Mum) is hurting, knowing that her dreams of becoming an in-law to the Minster has being shattered by her friends atrocity. She will stop at nothing to bring her down, not even the cord of friendship is strong enough from separating them.
The movie at end leaves the judge of the matter, as both parties involved are wrong and right at the same time. It’s a movie of revenge and nemesis. In some part ,laughter.
The sound flaws in the first scene, the blunder in translation and costume flaws in the flash back are the noticeable flaws to me in this movie, aside that, you can sit back, relax and enjoy this thought provoking story.
Below are scores for some elements in this movie with 10 marks for each:
• Directing=8
• Story=7
• Sound=5
• Characterization=8
• Set=7
• Costume=5
• TOTAL=40

Title: OJU EKU
Cast: Rycardo Agbor, Ayo Adesanya, Moji Olaiya, James Daniel.
Director: Samson Kogberegbe

Looking at the C.D packet, one would have expected it to be an action movie, because of the poses and Guns but it ended up not being and I felt deceived as to why a false impression must be created to sell a movie.
The movie is a love story with betrayal as the theme, but I think the story needed some adjustment in order to portray what the movie is meant to be all about. Thank God for the lineup of professional actors and actresses who came to the rescue. Starring the likes of Rycardo Agbor(TEJU), who played the role of a successful young man in business partnership with his long time friend Juwon, Teju paraded himself as a true friend as he was always concerned with everything about Juwons life, but it was only a matter of time for all to see he is living a lie and has a terrible plan down his sleeves .
Jack Daniel (JUWON), on the other hand could not believe his eyes, when he found out his good friend Teju, whom he loved and trusted, has not only betrayed him, but has also dissuaded him from marrying his love (AYOKA) whom he met in a village during his NYSC. Juwon is seen going back to Ayoka even after his marriage to Nifemi(MOJI OLAIYA), who his friend Teju picked out for him. Surprisingly, I thought he was playing a double game, but he is a victim of betrayal and infidelity, which has also put his life in danger, and the bosom of Ayoka seem as the only way out for him.
Ayo Adesanya(WUMI), Teju’s wife, found herself living with a rival, as Nifemi, Juwon’s wife, who she and Teju has given a roof in their house is contesting for authority in her matrimonial home. As you know, the WHY is not far from the WHAT? It was too late when she realized her husband’s heart has not been hers all along.
The movie is meant to be full of suspense, but it didn’t work for me, I think something went wrong in the narrating of the story that made it flat. As expected the movie ended with a sounding note of “Whatever a Man soweth, he shall reap” with each one of them getting their potion. It’s a movie with great lesson.
These are my scores for some element that makes up this Movie, each carries 10 Marks.
• Sound=5
• Editing=8
• Characterization=7
• Set Design=8
• Story=5
• Costume=5 (Ayoka, a typical village girl was wearing eye lashes. HABA!!)
• TOTAL=38

It can be quite hard for a Woman of this time and age to keep up with work and home, as the growing demands for her to perform excellently well rests heavily on her soft shoulder. This movie has won many awards to its credit, ranging from the prestigious BON, Afro-Hollywood and so on. The movie s inspired from the Book titled Married but living single, authored by Pastor Femi Fasheru.
The movie featured lots of professional and creative Actors and Actresses who did justice to the their various roles. Let me start with KATE (Funke Akindele) who thinks climbing the rung of the ladder of success is all that matters. Her misplaced priority has become a threat to her marriage. To be able to meet with the demands of her exploiting company and be the kind of wife her loving husband wants her to be take wisdom in order not to lose her marriage to Kemi. She couldn’t explain her disappointment when the company she has given her life to, sack her based on conspiracy and setup.
Mike*Benjamin Joseph) only wish his wife will hear the yearning of his heart and give him and their daughter the love and attention the deserve as a family. It didn’t take long before he fell prey to a husband snatcher.
Femi Brainard (OSSAI) will stop at nothing to take Kate’s enviable position in the company, even if it means breaking her home.
This is an emotion movie for every home. I like the way the Director brings it to our door steps, creating a picture that most people can relate with. Married but living single is not only entertaining, it will educate you and uplift your spirit. It’s worth your time. Trust me.
These are my scores for some element that makes up this Movie, each carries 10 Marks.
• Sound=8
• Editing=8
• Characterization=9
• Set Design=8
• Story=8
• Costume=7
• TOTAL=48

CAST: Antar ‘Laniyan, Austine Emmanuel, Cherry Ayilara,Ayo Adesanya, Eniola Badmus
DIRECTOR: Austin Emmanuel.

With the title, one would have expected that the movie will have to with “The Benjamin’s” you know what am saying? Dollar in this movie is a name of a gang leader; he isn’t even the main character, so I wonder why the movie should be in his name, but Hey! Mr. Producer, you have every right to call it whatever you want “am just saying my own”
This movie is directed by Austin Emmanuel who also played the role of Tunji, a young Man who his good qualities earned him his father’s love and control of the family wealth. This stirred up jealousy among his step-mum and step-sister. He is the one wearing “The Coat of many colors” that just like Joseph in the Bible, attracted hatred to him, and sent him tumbling into the pit of destiny. It will only take divine intervention to get him out.
Aremo, Tunji’s Father was well interpreted by veteran Actor Antar Laniyan. He didn’t only find it hard to let go the memory of Tunji’s mum long after her death, but was also living with a nagging and Devilish Woman, who unleashes hell at will, simply because of his love for his son and the control he has given him over his wealth. He had to pay the price for his unwavering love for his son
She had to pay bitterly for her jealousy and hatred at the end. Cherry Ayilara(Iyawo Aremo), found herself helpless on her dyeing bed, all she could do was confess her evil deeds which has brought nemesis. Her daughter only realized later she has been enjoying the favor from a family she did not belong to
Dollar is a story of a fathers love to his son, with a lesson of hope for every situation and a definite end for every evil doer. It is an interesting movie with a comic relief,(I found the movable land phone funny), it leaves you in a sober reflection at the end. The movie has some obvious flaws, but they didn’t tamper with the entertainment and the lesson it gave.
Here are the marks I have given to some elements that make up the movie.
• Sound=7
• Directing=6
• Acting=8
• Set=8
• Editing=5
• Costume=9
• Story=6

From the title, one could tell the movie is about a Female with an exceptional achievement or character (either positive or negative).Though we have a flood of “female name titled movies” (Nneka the pretty Serpent, Jenifa, Sikiratu Sindodo etc.) Since the inception of Nollywood, with the same theme most time, it’s not a bad thing for one to expect a producer to spice up this kind of movie in a way that will make it stand out, I mean tell this story with an added creativity.
The movie has the usual theme of Ritual, with lots of renown Actors and Actresses on the roll call, there are also some unknown faces though.
The lead role JESSICA is played Abimbola Daramole(I think she is new), She is a lady of wealth and affluence, living a Golden life that most people can only have in their fantasy, you know, like having scores of servants to her beck and call, a live band to wake her in the morning, singing her praises. She has whatever the Rich and Powerful enjoy, in fact, she doesn’t lift a finger to do anything (She doesn’t even take her bath by herself). JESSICA is a god on her own, but the source of her wealth remain questionable.
Written and Directed by Murphy Afolabi,who also played the role Odimu Dimu, a spirit being. Well, I have watched a couple of this man’s movies that thrilled me, one of my favorite is EJE ATI WURA, I expected to see an intriguing story, but I wasn’t quite satisfied compared to his past movies I have seen. Being the source of JESSICA’S wealth, Murphy Afolabi effortlessly played the role of Jessica’s spiritual husband who gave her all the wealth so long she brought souls for him to cage ,these souls have a role to play in amassing her wealth .He also showed his professionalism by playing a dual role in the movie
Many Souls fell prey to JESSICA, one of them is Funsho Adeolu(G-Money),played an incredible role that got me laughing so hard, though it’s a minor role, it was well done and impactful. G -Money is that guy any Lady would not like to meet in a bad dream let alone real life, not only is he broke, he is also proud, boastful and has a terrible ego that landed him as prey to JESSICA.
The end of JESSICA is yet to be seen, as the movie ended with “Watch out for part 2”
The story line has a good start but the rhythm dropped when a sub-story was introduced later in the movie which i find unnecessary and boring, as it came rather too late and i think the lead act should have added more effort in portraying a Woman in power, but she was quite cold, I blame the director for that. I love the use of graphics in the movie, editing was good. Putting aside the noticeable flaws of bad acting of some character, and the poor marriage of stories, JESSICA is an insightful movie you can watch.
I have to come up with a score sheet for some of the element that makes this Movie what it is, each carries 10 Marks .
• Sound=6
• Acting=7
• Story=5
• Directing=7
• Graphics=8
• Set=9
• Editing=7
• Costume=9
• TOTAL=58

Big ups to Rukky Sanda who has not only co-written this movie with Uche Jumbo, but has also produced and directed it. You go Girl! This thought provoking movie is full of intrigue, suspense and creativity.
“All my life, I wanted nothing more than to be like you, just a day in a perfect life of Stephanie” these were the words of FUNKE(Rukky Sanda) to her god and mentor Oge Okoye(Steph). A village girl with city dreams of being a designer and the only way to achieve these dreams is to ride on the wings of Steph her friend the village champion, why not? She is smarter and knows how to make things go her way. All Funke has to do is help her friend make it to the city and her own dreams will come true, but her betrayal will send her back to where she belongs to.
( Oge Okoye)Stephanie or Peju, despite being born and bred in the village knows she doesn’t belong there and to prove It, she gives herself an English name. Her prayers were answered when Yemi Blaq(KEN) marries her and takes her to live the city dream, but her hope to remain a Lagos big girl is dwindling, she has to depend on her luck.
KEN(Yemi Blaq) After being unlucky with city girls had to settle with village girl steph, thank God she turns to be what he wanted her to be, but the presence of Funke may mean trouble if he is not careful
This exciting movie is a tale of how one could be passionate about actualizing dreams, but desperation can be dangerous. Epilogue was used to tell the present state of each character. This is not commonly used and it give’s this movie some kind of flavor. Apart from some obvious acting flaws, I think this movie is good.

These are my scores for some element that makes up this Movie, each carries 10 Marks.
• Sound=7
• Editing=8
• Characterization=6
• Set Design=8
• Story=7
• Costume=7
• TOTAL=43

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