Rukky sanda wants to teach Young Ladies how to Keep their Men from Friday

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Unlike the regular movie premiere, star actress Rukky Sanda will be upping the ante as she premieres her new movie ‘Keeping My Man’. She will be having a private dinner-like premiere at Wheatbaker, in Victoria Island (V.I), Lagos on Wednesday 25th September, 2013. Movie cast, celebrities and select guests will be present.

Meanwhile the movie opens in cinema nationwide, Friday, September 27. Rukky will be leading other actors in the movie including Ramsey Nouah, Ini Edo, Monalisa Chindah, Alex Ekubo and Karen Igho to sign autograph, exchange pleasantries, give gifts to fans at Silverbird Galleria, V.I for an open premiere.

In 2008, star actress, Rukky Sanda delved into movie production with ‘Lethal Woman’. The movie had mixed reviews. To some, it was a bang while to others it was a nay. Rukky didn’t stop there; she has gone on to produce over six movies.

‘Keeping My Man’ is the story of three women, Rukky, Ini Edo and Monalisa who thrive to keep the spark in their marriages. Zion (Rukky) and Tokunbo (Ramsey Nouah) are the seemingly perfect couple with excessive public display of affection. Maya (Ini Edo) looks up to them while Tamar (Monalisa) is the free-spirited woman who questions roles of African women in marriage. But all in all, nothing is as it seems.

‘Keeping My Man’ explores the length couples would go, doing all it takes to keep the bliss years after exchanging marital vows. It is a story of love, deceit, grit and betrayal.

Speaking on her cinema debut, Rukky said she is hoping for the best. ‘Keeping My Man is the story that touches an issue bothering every young woman. You want to get married and keep the spark. You wants him to remain the guy who looks at you and you go weak…, . Every woman wishes to have the same intensity of love at the beginning years after marriage. Is this a possibility? That is one question Keeping My Man seek to answer’ The movie will be one of the comeback movies for leading Nollywood star, Ramsey Nouah who has not been in movies for a long while.rukkymrukkym1rukkym2rukkym3rukkym3rukkym4

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