Taiwo Aromokun Abimbola and Husband speak Exclusively to Bononline on Damaging Stories

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in the last couple of days the internet went haywire on stories that Taiwo Aromokun Abimbola is stranded in London and can not pay her house rent in Lagos,Bononline was on the phone with Taiwo’s husband and he smilled away all the allegations says they are all lies,read him in his exact words

when i decided to Marry Taiwo i knew a lot of things like this would come up and that the media would write about her, what i dont understand is why they are writing lies,i am a Man and man enough in all aspects to take care of my family,i am sad that days after i released my beloved twins boys to the media this is what i will get,they say i cant enter uk but where did we name the twins and have i not been regularly visting my boys,i am here on a project now in Amestrdam and by monthend, i will be with Taiwo and the boys,few minutes later he connected us with Taiwo in uk who laughed away the allegations and declared that let them say i am fine,my husband is fine so also my boys.

we took a visit to the house in question and spoke to the Landlord who told us that the house occupied by Taiwo’s siblings and her mum tenancy does not expire till sometimes 2014 and that he has a very good relationship with the Aromokun’s who are responsible tenant.

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