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In 2011, Kanekanol Hair appointed top Nollywood star, Stephanie Okereke-Linus as a brand ambassador. The deal came almost at the same time the actress got another brand deal with electronics giant, LG.

Back then, the Chinese hair product reportedly chose Stephanie for the deal based on her popularity in the movie industry in Nigeria as well as her link with the New York Film Academy, which her husband, Linus Idahosa, also has a link with.

Shortly after she grabbed the endorsement, the former beauty pageant contestant swung into action and was involved in activities aimed at promoting the brand she represents. Small gigs were held and products of Kanekalon were given out to lucky fans.But little has been heard about the actress and the product for some months now.

Information gathered indicates that there is no love lost between Stephanie and Kanekalon. We reliably learnt that the 2002 runner-up of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, MBGN, has now been dropped as the brand ambassador of the product.

According to the information reaching us, Stephanie was dumped because she was allegedly no more giving value to the brand. It was gathered that the management of the company was not happy with the way the actress didn’t use her influence to help their product in the market.

As learnt, other brands of hair products in the market were doing better that Kanekalon, though they didn’t have known faces to their products. We scooped that the company marketing the product felt that they were wasting money paying Stephanie as their brand ambassador.

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