Ayinde Soaga responds to Bonline Story of stolen 2.5m,How Amosun gifts to Nollywood was shared,i was not involved

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The article published on internet blog about the person of Ayinde Soaga is quite untrue.
The man was not involved in Nollywood activity. Ayinde soaga is not a nollywood practitioner. He is a Newsmàn. he is the current general manager of Ogun State Television and not governor Amosun ‘s aid as Captioned by your report.
Governor Ibikunle Amosun hosted Ogun state entertainment proffesional forum which as the name implies, is a group that includes movie directors and film makers, Musicians,Radio broadcasters etc. to a dinner at the Goverment house on thursday 5th of December 2013. The governor in his benevolence, considers his visitors convienience as the dinner went into late that evening, gave the forum of fifty eight (58) people in attendance, the sum of two million, five hundred thousand Naira (2.5m) for them to get accomodation and fuel their cars as most of them came in from outside the State to attend the meeting. The Yoruba theatre artistes insists on sharing the whole sum. The coordinator of the project, a nollywood Director, Kehinde Soaga directed that they share the sum of two million Naira and use the remaining five hundred Thousand for hotel accomodation and other expenses that may arise, as the government insists that their convienience and safety is of more paramount importance to them. hence the need to ensure their accomodation and safety on the visit. They were later on checked into three diferent Hotels in the city.
It is noteworthy that some of these yoruba actors brought in a lot of people to the dinner. Friends and relatives who have nothing to do with the profession and so insisted that all the sum be shared. They all got their share.
The use of Ayinde Soaga ‘s name and Picture on the report is defamatory. That he was almost lynch by actors is a blatant lie.
He has absolutely nothing to do with the event and the money so given. He never got a Kobo from the money.

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