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After sexy Actress Ayo Adesanya parted  with her ex- husband, she went into a relationship with a military man, this man is rumoured to be loaded (you know what i mean?) he even has a house in Ibadan  but BON source found out that they’ve parted ways since December due to irreconcilable differences. It’s sad because they were at the verge of getting married before the breakup. A call was put through to her to confirm this report and this is what she has to say

BON: What are your plans for valentine

AYO: This year is going to be too much, you don’t want to know (laughs) it’s going to unravel

BON: There is a rumour that you have broken up with the person you were dating since December, how true is it?

AYO: (laughs) No comment,you know i don’t discuss my relationship.

BON: So you wouldn’t tell me?

AYO: That what?

BON: If you’ve broken up with him since December

AYO: Did i even tell you i was dating somebody? so if i didn’t tell you there was somebody before, how would i break up with an imaginary person but i know my valentine is going to be hot! hot!


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  1. Mike

    January 28, 2014 at 8:09 AM

    Hmmm, this is seriious oo

    hmm what a life

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