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Come March this year hanians will have the honour to watch Nollywood and Gollywood celebs play football to entertain them? This will be in celebration of the Ghana independent day anniversary, the Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) have challenged  the Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN) to share in the joy of the independent day celebration in a football match.

Speaking in a meeting yesterday at the AGN secretariat Lagos, the President of GAG  Samuel odoi Mensah stated that it will be a great honour for them to host Nigerian stars during the up coming independent day celebration. The events which he promised to be a lot of fun and of mutual benefit is meant to synergise both industry and foster a forward progression in quality of movie production and profit. The anniversary events which include workshop, excursion, football match, dinner and award ceremony w is slated for 3rd to 8th of March. He also added that why Nollywood has been chosen to grace the occasion is that “Ghana and Nigeria has been brothers and sisters for a long time and it’s necessary to strengthen it more. Three years ago, we signed an agreement that we want to strengthen our association with this kind of programs and this is our first time of doing it. So, we think it will strengthen the two African countries and we see a bright future for the film industry and Africa, actually this will be a stepping stone and after some years we will extend it to other African countries, normally people say Ghana and Nigeria are the gate way to Africa, really we have to show case that and after this match and the second return which will be in Nigeria in May, we will see other African countries interested in it and then invite them. So it will come like ECOWAS states something one day and it will bring us together. Hopefully it will be an annual thing”

In response to this invitation, the president of AGN represented by the Chairman Board of trustee Ifeayin Dike thanked GAG for this wonderful program and gave his word that a quick decision will be made by AGN on how to honour the invitation.(photos)

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