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BON: what was your experience like in the Next Movie Stars house?

FEYIKEMI: it was quit tasking, it wasn’t as easier as I thought it was going to be but I thank God I scaled through

BON: What was your most memorable experience in the house?

FEYIKEMI: when the voice of the house announced I should pack my things that I was up for eviction and all my though was that Feyi you are going home but to my biggest surprise I survived the eviction so that particular day I can’t forget


BON: Can we go home a bit?

FEYIKEMI:  I am from Ondo State Nigeria, Ondo town precisely. My parents are Reverend  and Mrs. Akinwale ,my Dad is a retired broadcaster and my Mum is a retired broadcaster, I have 5 siblings am the 6th and the last

BON: Do they treat you special?

FEYIKEMI: That is very normal, regularly like any of other child

BON: So how do they react to your choice of career?

FEYIKEMI: Let me say am not lucky and bless because my parents are in full support of what I do mainly because my Dad have an experience of the  media things and am the only one taking after that so to say, they are in full support of everything.

BON: What stirred up the interest of being an Actress in you?

FEYIKEMI: Firstly, seeing movies and seeing the way people depict a character, the way they interpret a particular role get me really emotional and am like I can do this too, I can even do better than. I started acting from my primary school, secondary school, especially the church drama group. So, may be what I see on TV really inspired me .

BON: Are you still in school?

FEYIKEMI: Am a final year student of Ekiti State University am ,studying French

BON: Do you think your ability to speak French was one of the reasons you were considered?

FEYIKEMI: Before the whole thing I though most time they loved  theater art student, when I met the producer one on one with my producer , I asked him “sir must you be a theater art student before  you win NMS” he said it’s what you have  that we want ,if you are able to show that  you are working. So, I won because I was able to show myself.


BON: How are you able to combine school and acting? Do you want to launch into it in full?

FEYIKEMI: yeah! But what I tell people is that’s what makes you special, your ability to multi task, your versatility,  your ability to meet both school and work together, it is quit challenging but challenges build you.

BON: Are you the coolest girl in school?

FEYIKEMI: No! just a regular girl

BON: How are your friends treating you?

FEYIKEMI: My friends are actually exited they are like my friend is now a super star but I just see myself like any other regular student in school like the Bible says “God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble” the more you humble yourself, the more God gives grace to you.

BON: How do you actually cope with your school? In case if you want to do your assignment

FEYIKEMI: I do it myself

BON: How many times do you go to school?

FEYIKEMI: I go to school probably any time I’m free but I just accumulate all my works together  and the good things is my lectures always love my works they even understand the fact that I have joggle school and work together.

BON: What do you see, looking into the future?

FEYIKEMI: I see a big me, I see a very bright future, the well-known Feyisikemi,  a role model to a lot of people so to say

BON: As an Actor, what do you think is your selling point, what do you think will strike people about you?

FEYIKEMI: My ability to interpret  roles, it’s not about beauty alone this time, I’ve got my brain, am intelligent and we don’t want to be seeing the same thing  every time, we want to see someone who can amaze us and wow us. What I tell is that the more you work on yourself the better you deliver

BON:  The price for winning a cash price

FEYIKEMI: A car, cash price and movie contract

BON: So right now you have being going from one set to the other and people have been calling you?

FEYIKEMI: Yes! Like this very morning I was called this morning to be on set by ten

BON: There is this issue of sexual harassment in the industry, have you been a victim?

FEYIKEMI: I tell myself that the fact that something happen to everybody doesn’t mean it will happen to you, people have been  brain washed and they feel the movie industry you have to sleep always through but it is not true for someone like me people regards your work better than what you can offer, your body ,they regard your work more, so the more you improve on yourself, they want you, they want you in their movie not like sexual relations

BON: What kind of dresser are you?

FEYIKEMI: Am very regular, simple person I always like to feel comfortable

BON: Why do you have a short hair?

FEYIKEMI: I just like to change my looks, previously I was on braids.

BON: Are you going to change that very soon?

FEYIKEMI: Yes very soon by next week (Laughs)

BON: Do you have a boyfriend?

FEYIKEMI: I don’t like to talk about my personal life ,it’s supposed to be personal ain’t it? (laughs)




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