Uche Iwuji Admits My Marriage is Over,read the official statement

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Nollywood actress Uche Iwuji has confirmed the breakup of hermarriage to Juwon Lawal after intial denials,this is the official statement she released through her consultants

Now it has been confirmed. Read the statement below.

”This should serve as the official statement confirming the end to the marriage formalized on Friday, November 16th 2012 between the CEO of ABD Fuels Plc, Mr. Juwon Rasak Lawal and actress Uche Iwuji.

Already, the court processes are on to give a legal seal to the separation.

Mr. Lawal was in Europe on a business tour when the story first broke through the media.  This was the reason why he could not react appropriately to it, plus the fact that he felt the event could be redeemed.

Although, he would not want to talk about the reasons for the separation, Mr. Lawal is not married anymore to Miss Iwuji. And he will like to treat his estranged wife’s case as “once a friend, always a friend”.

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