WHO IS LYING? IBRAHIM CHATTA’S WIFE DROPS A BOMB SHELL”stop dreaming am not coming back”

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Some time ago news of break up trailed the marriage of Actor Ibrahim Chatta but he was in denial of it. Read the stories here and here. Well his wife has confirmed the story.


Days after the news of actor, Ibrahim Chatta’s crashed marriage to Salamotu, daughter of a former governor of Kwara State and now senator of the republic of Nigeria, Alhaji Shabba Lafiaji hit town, the thespian has deployed the service of pin doctors to deny the storm in his life.

Chatta, who has remained incommunicado and apparently in denial mode doesn’t seems to believe that the short-lived marriage is finally over, as he has also sought the service of marabout to help him revers the ill-fortune.

It should be recalled that E24-7 MAGAZINE in its last edition revealed authoritatively that the actor marriage to Salamotu has crashed, and that she moved out two weeks from their suburb, Ijegun, Lagos home that they lived until they parted ways. Salamotu left Ijegun for the Protea Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, that night were she spent the night on the instruction of her dad who was close to tears when his daughter form second wife, Halimat narrated her sordid ordeal in the hands of the actor.

Contrary to what Chatta has been telling his friends, Salamotu has vowed never to return to Chatta’s house. I’m not going back to him. It is over between him and I, “Salamotu had told a friend who was on a peace mission to reconcile the couple. Her response shows she has moved away from that point.

MAGAZINE gathered that even Salamotu’s parents were shocked and shattered at the dismal condition under which was living in the actor’s house in Ijegun on the outskirts of Lagos. Her mother is said to have complained bitterly because Salamotu’s standard of living is below that of her contemporaries.

We gathered that Ibrahim and Salamotu met back in Bisca in Kwara State, where Salamotu’s father was M. D. of the company, while Chatta’s dad was the chief driver. The both families struck up a relationship, but later lost contact.

However, in the way fate arranges things, the two met in Lagos again and soon began a relationship which cumulated in marriage.

Salamotu’s family member were against the marriage from the onset as they felt Chatta, who hailed originally from Nupe and his dad a former driver at Bacita Sugar Company where he met Salamotu’s dad, then the company managing director, may not be able to sustain the standard of living Salamotu is use to, but they had to allow their daughter have her way as she was obviously in love.

Concerned family member also alleged merciless battery he inflicted on his ‘baby mama’, a relation of Senator Ganiu Olanrewaju Solomon that left.

Now that the story has changed, it is unlikely that Salamotu will be willing to give the marriage another shot, as she emphatically declared to our source, “I’m not going back to Chatta’s house; never again!”


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